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Curriculum Map 2017-2018

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  Autumn 1 Autumn 2 Spring 1 Spring 2 Summer 1 Summer 2
Nursery Harry and the... (Curriculum Map) Enterprise




The Little Red Hen &

The Bad Tempered Ladybird (Curriculum Map)  







Year 1

From A to B (IPC)

From A to B (Curriculum Map)


It's Shocking (IPC)

All Dressed Up (IPC)

A Day in the Life (IPC)

Flowers & Insects (IPC)

Year 2

Sensational (IPC)

Sensational (Curriculum Map)


The Circus is Coming to Town (IPC)

Water World (IPC)

Green Fingers (IPC)

Buildings (IPC)

Year 3

Saving the World (IPC)

Saving the World (Curriculum Map)


Footprint From the Past (IPC)

Scavengers and Settlers (IPC)

Do You Live Around Here? (IPC)

How Humans Work (IPC)

Year 4

Time & Place, Earth & Space (IPC)

Time & Place, Earth & Space (Curriculum Map)


Inventions that Changed the World (IPC)

Active Planet (IPC)

Active Planet (IPC)

Temples, Tombs & Treasures (IPC)

Year 5

Mission to Mars (IPC)

Mission to Mars (Curriculum Map)


What a Wonderful World (IPC)

The Great, The Bold & The Brave (IPC)

The Great, The Bold & The Brave (IPC)

Switched on (IPC)

Year 6

The Time Tunnel (IPC)

The Time Tunnel (Curriculum Map)


Extreme Survivors (IPC)

Out of Africa (IPC) Making the News (IPC) The Holiday Show (IPC)