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School Building Redesign and Refurbishment

Exciting News


We are entering an exciting time in school because, over the coming weeks, we are starting to undertake significant refurbishment and redesign of the school building in order to provide your child with the very best education and experience that we can.  We have been working closely with our architects to design a school that is better equipped to meet the needs of the pupils in our care.  Phase 1 of the work will start in the Easter holidays and all phases will be completed for a September start.  We have posted the plans on our website so you can see what we intend to do.  We will keep the website up-dated with work as it commences.


Nursery – Phase 2

In September, we will see the Nursery move to the front of the school, (where the staffroom currently is), so that it is more easily accessed by the Nursery parents and so we can provide better and dedicated outdoor facilities for the children.  It will also mean that parents will not have to enter the school playground to drop-off children for the start of the afternoon session during a lunch time, when we have many children playing.  In addition, the redevelopment of the Nursery will allow us to expand our Nursery provision to ensure we can offer full time places to those parents who want them, in line with the new legislation that gives eligible parents 30 hours of free child care.


Reception Classes – Phase 3

All the Reception classrooms and the surrounding areas will be refurbished and the space left by Nursery used to ensure that our Reception pupils have plenty of space to move around in and have a free flow open-plan provision that all Reception children can access.  All classrooms will have bi-fold doors so that we have the choice of delivering learning through opening up all of the space to enhance the learning experiences your child can access.   All classrooms will share and have access out onto the same outdoor space.  There will be further investment in all of the resources and furniture too.  We are highly committed to ensuring that all our pupils have an outstanding start to their primary education at Old Clee.


Key Stage 1 – Phase 3

As part of our drive to raise standards across all areas in Key Stage 1, the Year 1 and Year 2 classrooms will be fully refurbished, and where possible we will be expanding the size of the classrooms and installing bi-fold doors to connect them so that we have choices over how learning can be delivered.  The Year 1 classroom, that is currently located near the KS1 playground, will be repositioned so that it sits alongside the other Year 1 classrooms.  This will enable the team to all work together more easily so that all pupils receive the same high quality access to provision.


Key Stage 2 – Phase 3

We have recently refurbished all the KS2 classrooms and corridors, which you will see during Parents Evening, and we will start to expand some of the classrooms and connect the Year Groups through installing bi-fold doors.  This will enable us to enhance the provision we can offer your children and ensure that they are provided with the best possible education.


Staff/Training Room – Phase 1

Our staff room will move to where our administration offices are, currently located within the KS2 building, (to make room for a larger Nursery at the front of the school), and encompass a training room where we will start to train  new teachers, working as a partner school with The Humber Teaching School and Bishop Grosstestes University in Lincoln.  In addition, this space will allow us to continue to undertake and deliver high quality the professional development for – which we are committed to doing.


Entrance/Reception School Office – Phase 1 - This will be the first part of our refurbishment programme and will be undertaken in the Easter holidays. 

Because of all the new work being undertaken and the moving around of many areas, our

Office area will be enlarged so that our whole Admin Team work from the same front office.  This will mean that our office team will be able to deliver a better, more informed continuous service to our parents.  Thus, the existing Reception Waiting Area will become much smaller and access to and from the KS2 playground from here will no longer be available from after the Easter break


As has been the case over the last few months, if KS2 parents need to access the School Office in the morning, please do so first thing and we will send your child into the playground from there.  This will save you having to walk back to the KS2 playground.



We have just purchased laptops for every classroom and/or iPads so that classes have their own set which they can have access to as and when they like.  New interactive whiteboards have also been purchased and will continue to be purchased for those classrooms still working with older versions.  New tables and chairs will also be bought for all classrooms.


Outdoor Play

We are committed to further revamping our lunch time approach so that children have a pleasant and enjoyable lunch time experience.  As you know, we have already ensured that lunch times are far calmer and more pleasant by opening up the use of both halls.  This has allowed a year group at a time to have a dedicated lunch time with no more than 90 children (one cohort) in each sitting.  (Previously 180 ate at any one time and from any one year group!)  We have bought new equipment which has enabled us to serve hot meals alongside packed lunches in the KS2 hall and stopped the need for children to eat packed lunches in classrooms.  Packed lunch children can sit with their hot lunch friends – they are no longer segregated.  The children now have longer to eat their food and socialise and chat with their friends rather than ‘bolting’ down their food and leaving the hall as quickly as possible.   The children have told us how much they prefer the new arrangements and their new dining experience.


Also, because of the different timings of the sittings, the playground is much less congested, so it is now safe for us to invest in outdoor play equipment.  We recently asked the children what they would like to spend £10,000 on - swimming sessions for the whole school or outdoor equipment.  Overwhelmingly, outdoor equipment was the preferred choice.  So, to start, we have invested in 2 outdoor TVs for KS1 and for KS2 so that 'Just Dance' can be accessed during lunch times as a fun and fashionable way to keep the children active during the lunch time period.  It is also an activity that can involve as many friends as the children like. This was rolled out to the children today to much excitement. 


On the last day of term when we have our Disco Dance Day Event.  The event will go towards supporting two Year 6 pupils in their endeavours raise money for Children in Need (see recent newsletter).  Our large screen TVs will be used then too.   We will be continuing to look at what other resources we can introduce and will be asking our School Council to pursue this for us.


Therefore Old Clee is entering a busy and exciting time of change.  We are fully committed to ensuring your child receives the best education, from the very start of their journey to the very end.