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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1!

Welcome to the Year 1 page. Please take the time to have a look at what we have been doing so far in Year 1 and also what we will be doing as the year progresses. 


Our Teaching Team consists of Miss Ridgeway, Miss Margarson, Miss Crompton, Mrs Carter, Mrs Edwards, Miss Skudder and Mrs Taylor.


Important information

  • Year 1 PE day is on a Wednesday.
  • Homework will be given out on a Friday and is due back in on the following Thursday.
  • Our topic for this half term is 'From A to B'.
  • Please visit the Curriculum Section under 'Key Information' to find out more about our learning this year and how you can help at home.

Year One Newsletter

Enterprise making and hunting!

Year 1 disco!

Year 1 disco! 1
Year 1 disco! 2
Year 1 disco! 3
Year 1 disco! 4
Year 1 disco! 5
Year 1 disco! 6
Year 1 disco! 7
Year 1 disco! 8
Year 1 disco! 9
Year 1 disco! 10
Year 1 disco! 11
Year 1 disco! 12
Year 1 disco! 13
Year 1 disco! 14
Year 1 disco! 15
Year 1 disco! 16

'The Disgusting Sandwich' hunt

'The Disgusting Sandwich' hunt 1
'The Disgusting Sandwich' hunt 2
'The Disgusting Sandwich' hunt 3
'The Disgusting Sandwich' hunt 4
'The Disgusting Sandwich' hunt 5
'The Disgusting Sandwich' hunt 6
'The Disgusting Sandwich' hunt 7
'The Disgusting Sandwich' hunt 8
'The Disgusting Sandwich' hunt 9
'The Disgusting Sandwich' hunt 10
'The Disgusting Sandwich' hunt 11

We sorted transport into air,land and sea!

Year 1 went on a bus ride!