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Letter to Parents 9th July 2020

Letter to Parents 8th June



Thank you for your expressions of interest for a school place starting 15th June.  Our window has now closed and only those who applied will receive a text message confirming their child’s place within the next half an hour. Early next week you will then receive an invite letter from us containing more detailed information about what the return will look like for you and your child.  Please bear with us as we move into the complex planning stages.




Question & Answer sheet to aid you in making the initial decision to be considered for a place should the school undertake its plan to reopen to N,R Y1 & Y6 on June 15th.


We have tried to anticipate the initial questions you may have linked to the possible reopening of the school to more children.  If we have missed any or you still feel you need further clarification do not hesitate to ring us on Monday when we will be better staffed and able to speak directly with you about your own personal circumstance.    


Q: Who can pick up and drop off my children?

A:  ANY parent/partner can pick up or drop off when they both live with the child in the same household.  


Q: Can only the person who dropped off, pick up?

A: NO.  ANY parent/partner who lives in the same household as the child can pick up and or drop off.


Q: Can any parent/partner pick up and drop off in any order they need?

A: YES. ANY parent/partner can pick up or drop off when they  both live with the child in the same household, in any order they wish.

Q:  I am separated from my partner. Can my partner still pick up or drop off, even though I do not live with them?

A: YES, but as per usual they MUST have parental responsibility rights. Government guidance has continued to allow children from separated families, therefore two households, to see both sets of parents even though they are in separate households.  

Q: Can my child’s grandparent pick them up if they live in a separate household to me?

A: NO.  The guidance has not shifted here.  Households cannot mix unless at a 2m distance in the back gardenNo-one from any other household can come into contact with your children or with us.  Many of you will know that at present not even grandparents are able to come into close contact with their grandchildren, if they live in separate households.  Therefore, grandparents, aunties, uncles other members of family from different households to your own cannot come onto our site. (see separated parent exception above)


Q: Can siblings who are still at school or college pick up and drop off my primary aged children?

A: NO.  Only adults can drop off or pick up children from Old Clee


Q: How many adults can drop off and pick up?

A: ONLY 1 adult can enter our site to drop off or pick up their children.  We cannot allow more than one adult to bring their children or pick them up from our site because we need to cut down on the amount of adults on our grounds that we, and others, come into contact with.  We need to manage the movement of parents/adults on our site in a safe manner.  Therefore, limits must apply.


Q:  My child is picked up by a child minder.  Is this still allowed?

A: YES.  Child minders have been given Government permission to start up their service again.  However, separate arrangements will be made by us to regulate their movement around our school site.  Please let us know if you need a child minder to drop off/pick up and who they are and their contact details.   


Q: Some of my children can attend school, whilst others cannot. Am I allowed to bring my children who are not at school onto the school grounds when dropping off/collecting the others?

A: Obviously we need to keep users on our site and contact to a minimum and so it is advisable that you do not bring other children on to our site who are not attending school. Please get in touch with us if this cannot be avoided. 


Q: Why do you need to close the school for cleaning?

A: As you know, there are many more stringent cleaning routines that must be undertaken on a more frequent and extensive basis.  The surface cleaning will be undertaken throughout the whole day, whilst a deeper clean will be undertaken once a week.  We have minimised this to a Friday afternoon in a hope it helps parents with work commitments.  The Government has stated that employers are encouraged to be flexible and accommodating in their approach in these unprecedented times so as both to support the challenges working parents face and also to encourage a more relaxed approach to homeworking that will, ultimately, benefit their business. If this isn’t the case, we are more than happy to get in touch your employers explaining the situation.


Q: Will the school operate a one-way pedestrian system through the school?  Will this mean that my entry and exit point may be different?

A: At present, until we know numbers we are unable to comment on the logistical arrangements we will need to implement.  Parents need to bear in mind that arrangements will be different to what they have been used to, and may mean a much longer walk around the school site, and may mean different entry and exit points on dropping off and collecting.  Our main aim will be to minimise the flow of foot fall and limit the opportunity for adults to come into contact with other users of the site.  This will definitely mean staggered start and finish times.  However, as you can appreciate, the arrangements are complex and challenging, and unknown until we have concrete numbers to work with.