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Dear Parents/Carers


You can imagine that yesterday was probably the most difficult day I have ever experienced in my entire career; difficult  for everyone in so many different ways.  We have had to make decisions that we know will affect your income and daily lives and possibly your well being.  Believe me when I say, this has been the most upsetting thing we have ever had to do, but everything we have done is to keep everyone as safe as possible and so it has fallen to us to  have to make those difficult decisions.


We have tried to keep you as calm and updated as possible since the changes were announced, and even though they were given to us  very late in the day, we still managed to sieve  through the extraordinary snowball of information coming into the school.   My office team has been beyond amazing and have added to the calm, efficient and timely way parents have been informed.  I  also have to say that whilst difficult decisions have have had to be made, you have also been wonderful in its acceptance and wonderful in not asking for places or in only asking for exactly what you have needed in order to support the Nation and support the school.  We do always say, to those who visit the school, how lucky we are with the type of  parents we have, and this is yet another fine  example of this.  So thank you so much - it has really helped us.   


I really do  want to take this opportunity to also pay a huge tribute to my fantastically, supportive and amazing  TEAM of staff at Old Clee, of which I cannot be more proud.  There is not one member of my staff, across  all the varied jobs they do, who has not stepped up ready for what lies ahead.   Many of them have their own families to worry about and look after but yet they have not once stopped thinking about yours.  Some also have their own underlying conditions but are insistent on playing their part.  My team of office staff worked beyond their capacity yesterday to get offer of places out to you quickly.   I am overwhelmed by them all.  This is exactly why Old Clee is such a fabulous place for your children to be.  We work as a Team.


Over the coming days and weeks, we are aware that information will change on almost a daily basis.  We will continue to send out texts, emails and post on our website.  However, the website has experienced overload and so yesterday was impossible to upload anything.  We hope this will ease going forward.  We have created a COVID19 page  under the KEY INFORMATION tab.  We will upload to there from Monday.  We have a handful of parents we are yet to contact and so will be in touch with them on on Monday.


Tell your children to look out for the daily ‘retrieval quiz’ 🤣 for each year group, on their ‘Home Learning’ page under the CHILDREN tab.  We thought they might like to check in on that very day.  Their “collection of texts’ may prove very useful here! 😏


Please all take care.  There will be an end point.  The Team at Old Clee are thinking about you all.


Love and best wishes

Mrs Roberts