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Thursday 16th July 2020



Look at our super home learners!


Our proud member of Year 3 has been busy practising his handwriting! 

What a star!yes

Please feel free to send in any work you are proud of for our Year 3 page. Keep up the super learning!



Let's use our imagination today! Watch the video from yesterday.


Yesterday you watched the video and answered the questions. Today, I would like you to write a short story about where the pilot was flying to. 

1. Where did he end up? 

2. What did it look like? 

3. How did he feel? 

4. What could he see?

5. Where there any strange creatures or things that he could see in this new land? 


Remember to use lots of adjectives to describe and prepositions and fronted adverbials to create an image in the reader's head. 


This week we are going to be recaping skills that we have covered and others that would have come up over the year. This will help you have a secure understanding read for the start of school in september and recover the skills you might have not remembered.  






Spellings are really important to support your child to read and write. Learn at least 5 a week. There are a couple of activities on these you can complete each day.


You can say them out loud. 

You can copy them out. 

You can come up with a rhyme for each letter to remind you.

You can look for patterns or sounds.

You can paint these or use water and write them outside on the ground using a brush.  

Make the word out of objects, sand or play-doh.