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Year 1 

With Support, children demonstrate an awareness of online safety using their own private usernames & passwords for Purple Mash. Children take ownership of their work & save this in their own private space. Most children will be able to demonstrate an understanding of the reasons for keeping their password private, including talking about the meaning of 'Private Information'. 


Year 2

Children understand how to use the Purple Mash search bar & know the implications of inappropriate searches. Children to understand that information put online leaves a digital footprint or trail. They will gain an understanding of how to talk to others in an online situation & how email is a communication tool. 


Year 3 

Children will understand the importance of a secure password, not sharing with anyone else & the negative implications of failure to keep passwords safe and secure. Looking at information on a website & make decisions whether the website is a trustworthy source or not. Children will begin to understand that using someone elses work or images of someone else is not acceptable unless they have consent. They will learn about age restriction symbols on digital media & devices. 


Year 4 

Children will understand how they can protect themselves from online identity theft & understand that information put online leaves a digital footprint or trail and that this can aid identity theft.  Children to learn that copying the work of others and presenting it as their own is called 'plagiarism' and what the consequences may be. They will be able to identify the positive and negative influences of technology on health and the environment. 


Year 5 

Children to gain a greater understanding of the impact that sharing digital content can have. Children to understand their responsibility to one another in their online behaviour. Children will how to maintain secure passwords. With support, children to understand the advantages, disadvantages, permissions and purposes of altering an image digitally and the reasons for this. Children to be aware of appropriate and inappropriate text, photographs and videos and the impact of sharing these online. 


Year 6 

Children to identify benefits and risks of mobile devices broadcasting the location of the user/device & identify secure sites by looking for privacy seals of approval. The children will be able to identify the benefits and risks of giving personal information & have a clear idea of appropriate online behaviour. Children to understand the importance of balancing game and screen time with other parts of their lives.