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Daily Retrieval Quiz

Wednesday 15th June 2020


Science Magnets 


How many poles are there on a magnet? 

What the scientific term for two magnets moving together?

What is the scientific term for two magnets moving apart? 

Name three materials that are magnetic.

Name three forces. 


Thursday 11th June 2020


Being a Mathematician!


Can you tell the time when it is ...


quater past 

quater to

to the nearest minute

Record the time you...


What time did you get up?

What time did you have breakfast?

What time did you eat lunch?

What time did you eat your tea? 

How long did you walk for or read for?





Wednesday 10th June 2020


Being a scientist!


Can you recall facts about our solar system? 

Use the helpful video to help you answer the questions below. 


1. Is the sun a planet? 

2. Which is bigger the sun or the Earth? 

3. How many planets are there in our solar system? 

4. Which is the biggest? 

5. Which is the smallest? 

6. What is the name of the 5th planet? 

7. Explain why some planets are covered in ice.

8. Which is the fastest planet to orbit the sun? 

9. Why is Venus called the Sun's sister? 

10. Which planets have several moons? 


Using your home learning book create a poster and order the planets in our solar system and include 5 fantastic facts. 

Tuesday 9th June 2020


The Seven Continents 


Watch the video and learn the song. 


Can you order the continents from largest to smallest? 

Write down three things about the continents you have found out.

 Which continent do you live on? 

Which continent would you like to live on in the future?