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Healthy Pack Lunches

As part of the healthy lifestyle we promote in school, we try to encourage a healthy lunch box. Chocolate bars, sweets and fizzy drinks are not allowed in school. However, please note that wafer and biscuit based bars are fine for the children to have in their packed lunch.

Take a look at some of the links provided for healthy pack lunch ideas.

Packed Lunches

We would like to remind parents that we are a healthy school and as a result, chocolate and confectionary are not permitted in school for children’s packed lunches. If an item is found down the biscuit isle, such as a wafer bar or Jaffa Cakes then this is ok for your child’s packed lunch. However, items that are found in the confectionary isle as well as the biscuit isle are not permitted, for example, a KitKat bar.


We would like to remind parents that if you are choosing to send your child to school with grapes in their packed lunch, please ensure that they are cut in half length ways as whole grapes are a choking hazard.