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Miss Blake's Class

Miss Blake’s Class


Please work through these activities before you have a go at the maths on the main page.  This is all work we have been doing in class and so you should be able to do it with no problem.  

Happy number crunching!

Miss Blake


Children who are not in my class feel free to do this maths work as well if you would like to!

Steps to Success for Maths

Read the question carefully.

What is the question asking you to do?

Highlight the important information.

 Highlight the maths symbol


Do you need anything to help you  to work out your answers?


Number line

  Hundreds/tens/ones grid


Count carefully.

Check you have written all the numbers properly.

Check your answers.

If you are unable to print the worksheets out they are available in the home packs which you can get from school each week. Alternatively you can read the questions and then do your working out/write the answers on a piece of paper.

The next few weeks we are recapping subtraction.


Time table rock stars – Make sure you go on the Rock stars website and practice your times tables at least 3 times a week.  Your login is in your yellow Home School book.  If you can’t find it please ask your grown up to email us and we will send it to you.

Classroom Secrets – Please work through the problems throughout the week at your own pace.



If you can not print the worksheets out read the questions and then write your answers on a piece of paper.