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Please see the ‘Supporting reading at home’ documents to help you to develop your child’s reading skills. These tips will help you to understand which skills children learn throughout their primary education.


Remember that there is much more to reading than just reading the words - children must be able to discuss a text by asking questions, making predictions, summarising the main points, linking what they have read to their own life experiences and providing their own opinions (hopefully with evidence from the text to support what they are saying).


Online resources


A free website with lots of fun reading activities.


Tale of a Singing Zebra

This story is broken down into nine chapters. Use the ‘before discussion’ resource before reading each chapter to prompt your child to make predictions about the text and to activate prior knowledge. Use the ‘after discussion’ sheet resource to assess your child’s understanding and to give them an opportunity to use clues from what they have read so far so they can predict what may happen next.


CBebbies offers a wide range of free stories, games and puzzles for children.


This website offers a large range of stories for you to read together.


This website has a wide range of enjoyable stories read by famous American actors (we might not know them all!) Each one has a set of activities attached for teachers and parents. Use these stories to develop key skills in reading.


Over 6,000 digital books online for children to enjoy.


A range of reading comprehensions for all ages/abilities. Children read a passage of text and then complete a set of questions in the style of a quiz. They can review their score at the end. Click on ‘reading comprehension’ and a large list should appear. You will need to allow adobe flash player.




Children can listen to a range a poems read aloud by famous authors. Primary school children have to be able to read and interpret poems, so spark their interest in poetry and make it fun. There are a range of activities on this website for your child to complete to help them write a poem.


This website displays poems written by children and encourages children to have a go at writing their own poem.



This site allows children of all ages to learn their key spellings in a fun way.