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Remember to Read! 


Here are some links and helpful activties or texts your children can complete at home. 

Remember to question your child about their book to check they had really understood what they have read.


Here are some helpful questions you could use!


Who is the main character?

What type of text is this?

What did you learn from this book? 

Where is the story set?

How are they feeling?

What is the main plot in the story?

Who is the author?

Have you read any books by this writer before? 

Who would you recommend this book to and why? 

What are the key features of this text? 

What is an illustrator?  



Tidy up Winnie 


What is the story about? 

Who are the main characters?

Where is the story set?

Can you explain why she needed to tidy up? 

Have you ever felt like Winnie? 

Which part do you like best? 

Have you read a book like this before and which book do you prefer? 


Disgusting Denzil 


What do you think of this book?

How is the character different from the previous book? 

Which character do you prefer? 

What type of book is this? 

Are there any words in this book your unsure of? Make a log.