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Here are some more stories by Oxford Owl. 
Famous Author Julia Donaldson reads a series of books by Oxford Owl. Listen to the stories and write a book review. Name and describe the main characters in the story. Did you enjoy the story? What was your favourite part? Did it remind you of any of your past experiences?. Look at our Year 1 Crib Sheet for some more questions you could answer about a book you have read.

Here is a link to a story read by Tom Hardy. It is a nice story and may help you think about how to be resilient.
This story shares some great ideas about how to deal with problems and challenges we may face. Remember, not all challenges are challenges we can see- sometimes we face challenges in how we feel and think. In Year 1 we're brilliant at problem-solving! Perhaps you might like this story too.

Oxford Owl have lots of reading resources available on their website. The Storyteller videos are fun to watch I love The Big Carrot!

Here are some of the stories we have talked about so far. Log on to Oxford Owl to hear more stories x

David Walliams is reading an extract from his books daily at 11am x you might like to log on to hear his story unfold each day x