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Retrieval Questions




1.Can you tell me 2 animals that live in the ocean habitat and why they live there?


2. Can you tell me what soldiers wore in World War 1 to protect themselves? 



1) In plants what special job does a stem do?


2) Why did Martin Luther King say life was unfair for African Americans in the 1960s?



1) In what year was the Titanic built?


2) In plants what does the leaf soak up?



1) When looking at the flowering plant life cycle, which of the steps comes third in the cycle?


2) Martin Luther King "had a dream," what was his dream?



1) When looking at animals, how many reptiles can you list?


2) The Titanic left Southampton, what date did it leave and where was its destination?


3) Write 5 number sentences using greater than >.


4) How many 2D shapes can you name?


5) Write as many adjectives to describe Grimsby docks.



1) On the Titanic there were different classes, can you list the difference between First and Third class?


2) In plants, roots take up water from the soil.  What other two things do roots take from the soil?


3) A triangular based pyramid is a 3D shape.  How many faces, vertices and edges does it have?


4) Can you write the pairs of multiples of 10 which equal 100 e.g. 10 + 90 = 100.


5) Write as many synonyms for big.



1) In a desert habitat, what does a camel store in their humps and why?


2) In history, when was Anne Frank born?


3) What is one quarter of twelve?


4) How many days are in a week? Can you order them?


5) Write as many antonyms for big?




1) Dogs can run. And birds can fly.

I need to join these two sentences together.  Can you tell me the mistake I have made?


2) In the Rainforest, what do insects, small birds and frogs eat?


3) In the Arctic, polar bears have white fur. Why?


4) Can you write three number sentences using less than <.


5) How many months are there in a year?  Can you name the sixth month?



1) Rewrite the sentence putting in the commas.  Traffic lights turn, red amber and green.


2) Explain what is wrong with this sentence. There are pink blue and orange marbles on the floor.


3) On the Titanic there were different classes, which class would you have preferred. Why?


4) In the Arctic, seals have a layer of blubber (fat).  What is the purpose of the blubber?


5) To find a quarter, you can half and half again. So a quarter of 12 is 4.  Is this correct? Explain your answer.



1) How many 3D shapes can you name?


2) Write as many synonyms for tiny.


3) In what year, did World War One start?


4) Change the command below into a question.

Put your socks on.


5) In what year, did Martin Luther King receive the Nobel Peace Prize?