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Year 2

Bubble 19 welcome video!

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Bubble 18 welcome video!

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New weekly Home Learning activities linked to school

On Wednesday can you …

  • Practice your 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s times tables on Rockstars.
  • Work out the answers to these number sentences and show working out.
  • 9 lots of 2 =              54 + 16 =
  • ½ of 30 =                 74 - 19=
  • Can you solve the extra maths questions attached below?
  • Can you write instructions to make your own fruit salad? Don’t forget to lay it out like instructions! Don’t forget to use time words, bossy words, headings, subheadings and numbers to order them! Parents – Please see attached WAGOLL to help.
  • Ask your family which fruit is their favourite out of: apple, banana, orange, grapes, strawberry, peach, watermelon, pineapple. Can you create a pictogram using these choices? Don’t forget to add your favourite in! Can you label the axis and write a title at the top of your page? Which one was the favourite? Which was the least favourite?
  • Don’t forget to practise your daily KIRFS (see link below)
  • Can you solve the reading comprehension questions attached below?
  • Can you practise your handwriting and spellings using the guide below?

Reading Comprehension

Weekly maths KIRFS - How many will you remember?

Weekly spelling sheet 13th July

Letter formation for handwriting practice

Daily activities

Maths Home Learning links and activities