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What can we achieve?


Below are spellings, times tables, home learning activities and website links that we would like the children to access on a daily basis. Thank you for your ongoing support with this! :) 



Super Spelling! 

Log onto Oxford Owl to practice your spellings. You can complete any of the Y2 or Y3 spelling activities. Who will become the best speller? Just click the link and 'my class login' to begin!

Year 3's Big TT Rockstar Battle! 

Log on tonight (2.4.20) at 6pm! 

Tonight's battle: 3JB vs 3SM. 

Who will be Rock Heroes?





Well done 3JB! Leaders so far in the Rockstar Battles! Can any class overtake?

Well done 3JB! Leaders so far in the Rockstar Battles! Can any class overtake?  1

Next Battle: 3JB vs 3SM!

Next Battle: 3JB vs 3SM! 1
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Retrieval Quiz 03.04.20


Being a Geographer


1. What is the capital city of Italy?

2.What 4 countries make up the UK?

3. What is the capital city of England?

4.What is the capital city of France?


Challenge Time - Can you draw the outline of the UK from memory?

Retrieval Quiz 03.04.20

Retrieval Quiz 02.04.20


Read our Captain America biography and find all the features below.


1.Apostrophes for possession


3.Powerful verbs

4.Abstract nouns

5. Coordinating conjunctions


Challenge Time- Find as many capital letters and full stops as you can!

Retrieval Answers 02.04.20

Retrieval Quiz 01.04.20


Read our Captain America biography and answer the questions below.


1. Find and copy the adjectives that describe Steve Rodgers as a boy.

2. What were the names of Steve Rodgers parents?

3.Find and copy the word that tells us how Steve Rodgers felt about school.

4. What age did Steve Rodgers apply to join the army?


Challenge Time - Write your own super hero biography!

Retrieval Answers 01.04.20

Captain America Biography

Retrieval Quiz 31.03.20


Read our Captain America biography and answer the questions below. 


1. What is Captain America's normal name?

2. Where was Captain America born?

3. What year was Captain America born?

4. How many siblings did he have?



Retrieval Answers 31.03.20

Retrieval Quiz  30.03.20


Being a Historian


1. What part of the world did the Mayans inhabit?

2. Where did the Mayan people go to worship their gods?

3. Why did the Mayan people worship the God of the Forest and Farming?

4.What was the job of a Mayan warrior? 


Retrieval Answers 30.03.20

Retrieval Quiz - 29.03.19


Being an Artist


1. What is the name of the collage artist we have been learning about?

2.Who used cubism in their paintings and drawings?

3. Where was Pablo Picasso born?

4. What year was Pablo Picasso born?

5. Draw a picture of a family member in the style of Picasso.






Retrieval Quiz Answers 29.03.20

Retrieval Quiz - 28.03.20


Being a Theologian


1. Name 3 of the pillars of Islam.

2. Name 2 important figures in Christianity.


Being a Geographer


1. Name all 4 settlements we have looked at so far.

2. Name 2 rural settlement patterns.

3. Draw a picture of a settlement you would like to live in and explain why. 

Retrieval Answers 28.03.20

Retrieval Quiz  - 27.3.20


Being a Geographer


1. What is precipitation? 

2. What are the four types of precipitation we looked at?

3. Describe one of the types. 



Being a Historian


1. Name three roles in society that the Mayans had.

2. Which was the most important role? Why? 

3. Which was the least important? Why?



Retrieval Quiz  26/03/2020


Being a Geographer

1. What are the different names for the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill? Name 3. 

2. Find the meaning of the word 'adverse'. Now write it in a sentence. 

3. When did the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill happen? 

4. Summarise what you have learnt from this text. 




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Retrieval Quiz Questions 25/03/2020


Being a Historian! 

1. What did the stone age people cut their food up with?

2. What did the Stone age people hunt using? 


Being a Scientist

Rose and Kilu's Story


1. Who are Kilu and Rose? 

2. In part 2, find and copy one word that means the same as 'minute'.


Please scroll down to find yesterday's answers.



Retrieval Quiz Questions 24/03/2020


Being a Historian


1. Who was the most important person in Mayan society? 

2. Who was the least important person in Mayan society? 


Being a Geographer (Rivers)


1. What is the source of a river?

2. What is a meander? 

3. What is the longest river in the world? 


Daily Challenge: Create your own rivers quiz.Test your family members on their rivers knowledge! 


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Elevenses with The World of David Walliams

Click and listen to David's Daily audio!

Being a Mathematician:

Can you build a fraction?




Being a Reader:

Fancy reading something exciting? 



Being a Reader and a Writer

Why not watch one of the clips on here and write something amazing? Just click and choose a video you like J


Being a Historian:

Mayan games -


History games -


What else could you find out about the world? 



Being aGood Citizen: (create an account to become more mindful). Fun-filled experiences, which include: videos, songs, games and activities.


Please use the useful website links on the previous page for further activities. Thank you!