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Year 5

Welcome to the Summer Term!


Please keep working through the new 'Home Learning' sheet (at the bottom of our page) and complete the retrieval quiz each day. We will regularly update the extra activities section to give you something different and exciting to learn. Look out for any special events that are coming up too! 

Meaningful May


See if you can complete some of the days on the calendar - remember to document anything you do in your home learning book.

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BBC Bitesize


Why not try the BBC Bitesize daily learning page. It has some short lessons that link to the National Curriculum. See the link below.

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                            Retrieval Quiz


Remember to use your 'Collection of Texts' to answer the questions when it is a retrieval day.



We know you guys love Fluent in Five, so during the week we will have a mixture of Retrieval Questions and Fluent in Five challenges.


If you struggle with the question, try using the internet with an adult to research the answer.



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Extra Activities



Fun Kids Weekly Missions

We have exciting new links for children to complete daily learning activities and challenges. Each week there's a new topic and every week day they publish a page with an educational video, podcast, and a challenge for you to complete!

Please use the link below to access these sessions.



Anglian Water STEM Activities

We are very lucky to be offering a suite of 12 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Maths) based lessons online that can be accessed by your children at home at no charge from Anglian Water.


The first 6 are available now and the remaining 6 will be live on 22nd May 2020.

Water is essential to all life. The aim of the lessons is to help pupils think about water; how it is vital to life; what we need it for; where it comes from and how we can all use water wisely.

The lessons will (for the most part) follow a similar format:

  • Short introductory video/ talk or information sharing
  • Short investigations
  • Long challenge or activity (These have been designed so the children can access the activity with limited or no input from carers and guardians.


Please use the link below and scroll down to find the lessons! We hope you enjoy completing something a little bit different. Remember if you can't print the sheets off, you can just put the work into your home learning book and set it out how you would like to.



Story Time


Remember you can access a story extract read by David Walliams each day.

Useful Documents