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School Council Presentation Assembly

On Thursday 2nd November, a special guest visited Old Clee Primary Academy. Pupils, staff and parents watched as the Mayor of North East Lincolnshire presented the newly-elected members of the School Council with the yellow jumpers which will allow them to be identified easily and quickly by pupils and staff alike. The Councillors then carried out their first job in their new role by interviewing the Mayor, and what a fantastic job they did!

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School Council Elections, 2017

Wednesday 18th October was Election Day at Old Clee Primary Academy. Pupils from each of the classes from Year One to Year Six presented the posters and delivered the speeches which they had been busy preparing as part of their campaigns. Every effort was made by each pupil to convince their classmates that they were the right candidate for the job!

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Voting was carried out anonymously as each pupil placed their vote into the class ballot box.

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Pupils then had an anxious wait until the results were announced the following day in the final assemblies of the half term. Congratulations to the successful candidates who will now form the Old Clee School Council, 2017, and a huge well done to each of the pupils who put themselves forward and worked hard on their campaigns, ensuring that the competition this year was fierce!
Picture 1 Erin, 1LR
Picture 2 Gallagher, 1RC
Picture 3 Jake, 1RM
Picture 4 Chloe, 2AW
Picture 5 Caitlyn, 2RS
Picture 6 Rylan, 2JS
Picture 7 Emma-Grace, 3CS
Picture 8 Amy, 3JM
Picture 9 Amber, 3MW
Picture 10 Logan, 4TC
Picture 11 Declan, 4AS
Picture 12 Eva-Faith, 4AM
Picture 13 Charlie, 5SC
Picture 14 Jamie, 5LB
Picture 15 Mason, 5JB
Picture 16 Sam, 6JD
Picture 17 Christopher, 6JM
Picture 18 Ellis, 6PC