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Academy Social Media Pages


In common with many other Academies, we have Facebook and Twitter pages to maintain an online presence which is vital for keeping the Academy community up to date with news and events.  


Having an Academy website is an essential part of maintaining an online presence, but web users must specifically visit the Academy website regularly to receive this information. By having a Facebook and Twitter presence, the Academy is feeding information, news and notices directly in to the personal news feeds of parents/carers and the wider Academy community.


If you are a Facebook or Twitter user, it would be really helpful if you could help promote our pages in the usual ways by sharing posts with other local community pages, so as many people receive the information as possible.


We adhere to the following protocols in respect to our social media pages:


- Posts on the Academy's social media pages are created by the Academy only

- Parents/carers and members of the public are able to add comments to posts if they wish. Any negative comments will be removed by the Academy

- To communicate with the Academy, there are a range of methods in place which parents/carers can use (Parentmail, text messages, email and phone) Comments on the Academy's social media pages should not be used when parents/carers wish to communicate with the Academy.

- Photographs (or videos) of pupils are only published on the Academy's social media sites where the Academy has received consent from the parents/carers. Parents/carers are reminded that they must not publish photographs or videos of school events to social media, since parents do not have the consent from other parents/carers to do so.