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Year 2 Homework Summer Term 1

Year 2 Newsletter Summer Term 1

In Mrs Airey's class,

we have been learning the 4 times tables!

Check out this video of us in action.

4 x tables masters!

Still image for this video

2TC have been making some pirate finger puppets in DT this week. They have designed it independently and even chosen the materials and colours they wanted for their pirates clothes!

Year 2 Pirates Day ! 

The Pirates in Year 2 had a great day yesterday speaking to a pirate and eating some pirate food ! Yum !

Celebration of Learning

Thank you to all for your support with our pirate topic and for joining us to create a special pirate flag!

The children in Mrs Airey's and Miss Skudder's class have been helping Mrs Roberts to design a library down in KS1.

We have measured the perimeter of the room in maths with metre sticks and in literacy we have been sorting books and even making our very own mood boards with colour swatches which show the colour scheme we want our library to be. 

Today the children went out in to the playground to draw a life size drawing of the new library! They even worked out which item of furniture would fit into the space we have

Meet our very own team of library detectives...

Measuring our new library!

This is us choosing, what we would like our library to look like, what furniture we would like in it and even sorting the books out into catergories for the new bookshelves we would like!


We definately have some budding interior designers in this class!

We got the chance to measure the perimeter of the new library area with metre sticks and even a digital measurer which was great fun!

Library Design 2LR. We have explored great designs and measured to see what new furniture would fit.


Design a Library


We have been tasked with the opportunity to design our very own library. We have looked at colours, designed our own swatches and measured the perimeter. Now to choose furniture! Will it fit? 

Treasure Map Adventure. We used computers to create our own map and then went on a treasure hunt!



Have you ever wondered what it is like to be a pirate? Today, Captain Webster's literacy group did just that! We made pirate hats and did our pirate dance. Tomorrow we will sail the Old Clee seas to retrieve our gold and return it to our ship. We will use our map reading skills and follow our compass to help us. ARRGH!

Captain Airey's Pirate crew !



Miss Webster's literacy group have been researching frogs. We have learnt about their life cycle and what they look like during each stage.


We have even learnt some fascinating frog facts! Did you know frogs hybernate during the winter? No, me neither!


Please enjoy looking at our photos and reading our factfiles.

Year 2 Newsletter - January 2019

Mrs Airey and Miss Skudder's mini scientists !

We have been learning all about waterproof and absorbent materials in Mrs Airey and Miss Skudder's classroom ! 

Unfortunately The Three Bear's house has lost it's roof so we need to become scientists to figure out what material is the best to make them a new one ! 

We have had so much fun smiley 

The Not-So-Jolly Postman 

After writing a diary entry we spoke about the Jolly Postman's feelings and how dangerous his job is. We decided that we had to do something about it... resign and get a new job!


So, once again Miss Webster's literacy group became the Jolly Postman. They wrote a letter of resignation to their boss at the 'Royal Mail' explaining why they are not jolly anymore and how their job is becoming more dangerous.


We had some very convincing arguments! How would you feel climbing the beanstalk to deliver the Giant's mail? Well, our postmen and women explained that it is very tiring work climbing to the top and they could possibly fall down injuring themselves.


They ended the letter by telling the 'Royal Mail' what they intend to do in the future. Look out Old Clee, we have some Jolly Teachers in the making!



Diary of a Postman


This week we have been reading the story 'The Jolly Postman' by Janet and Allan Ahlberg. We had some in depth discussions about the Jolly Postman's job and how busy his day is. 


Miss Webster challenged her literacy group to be the 'Jolly Postman' for a day and write a diary entry about their job as a postman.


We had some very detailed accounts and it is clear out postmen and women work extremely hard!


2SW Celebrating World Book Day. 2SW Celebrating World Book Day.

Year 2 Homework Project - January 2019

Welcome to Year 2


Our teaching team is as follows:

2TC - Mrs Airey, Miss Dobbs and Miss Young

2LR - Miss Ridgeway and Miss Skudder

2SW - Mrs Walmsley and Mrs Boswell

Year Group Support - Miss Webster


Dates for your diary:

  • PE is on a Wednesday - please ensure kits are brought into school on Monday so we can keep track of them.
  • Homework (including Spellings and Maths Mat) - to be handed in on Thursday please ready for Friday's test.
  • Reading Records - please try to read with your child between 3-5 times per week and sign their record.
  • Celebration of Learning - projects to be handed in no later than Friday 12th October. REMEMBER, these do not have to be huge models that can be seen around the school. A fact file, drawing or story will be just as gratefully received. 

Year 2 Newsletter - September 2018

Year 2 Topic Homework Activity Sheet

Space Experience

New Playground Fun!

Y2's enjoying their excavation during our Dinosaur Entry Point.

Making the connection between our teeth and that of a dinosaurs!

Y2 Parents Evening


It was great to see so many of you this week to discuss how well your children are doing. Just to confirm that it is no longer an expectation for the children to complete the spelling wordsearch or the maths mat. These two activities are now completely optional.


Many thanks

Y2 Teaching Team

2TC celebrating 'Children In Need'.

2TC's Dragon's Den - Pitching our Enterprise Ideas