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English WC 29.3.21

WC 29.3.21 Writing

This week we are continuing our work sentence structure. We will also be looking at what our sentences need. Capital letters at the beginning of a sentence, letters sitting on the line, pre-cursive writing, finger spaces between words and punctuation (full stop/exclamation mark/question mark) at the end of a sentence. We also need to read our sentences back to ensure they make sense and check for mistakes.

We use a visual check list…


We will also be looking at a success criteria to help us remember the ‘steps’ to writing a good sentence.



The children will start the week looking at ‘fixing’ sentences. They will need to spot the spelling and punctuation mistakes in the sentences and then write out the sentences without the mistakes.



Tuesday and Wednesday we will look at the structure ‘who, what, where and when’ to help build a sentence. The children have already looked at who, what, where or why so this week we are looking at when it was happenning. The children could use the words at night, in the daytime, in spring etc.

The worksheets are split into part 1 and part 2.


Today the children will put their sentence struction into practice and create their own independent sentences using the picture promt.

The children have been given the challenge of adding describing words (adjectives) so that we know which children they are talking about.