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English WC 12.7.21


This week we are going to write our own story.

Using the boxing up plan below think about the character or characters in your story. Where is your story going to be set ... the scene setting. Don't forget in a setting description we include what we can see, what we might hear, smell and how we might feel.

What is going to be the problem in your story and how are you going to solve it?


You might want to look at some story books at home for inspiration.



Today you are going to try and construct your story. Write down notes about what is going to happen. Think about the beginning, middle and ending. Talk about your ideas with an adult and make some notes.


You might want to act out your story with actions.


Write up your story in your neatest writing. Use the writing prompts below to help you remember all the things that make our sentences make sense.

Don't forget your writing prompts and steps to success for writing x


Read your story. Did you use adjectives to describe your characters and the setting?

See if you can edit your story by adding exciting adjectives.


Can you create a front cover for your book?

Include the title, the author (you) and a picture.