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Sustainability Statement

Sustainability Statement


As an Academy we are shaped by our values, which include looking after one another and our environment. We believe that every pupil should understand the importance of looking after the world around them. So, whether that’s at school, home, the local community or across the world, our pupils will act now to make positive changes that impact future generations. 


Here at Old Clee Primary Academy, sustainability means living in harmony, acting with kindness, and caring for all living things, now and for future generations. As an Academy we believe we play a vital role in developing awareness and passion for the importance of our environment. Children are educated in the global challenges that are impacting on the way we organise and live our lives.

This means we act responsibly, consider the wider implications of our actions, and strive to see our lives having a positive impact on the world.


We equip our pupils and staff with the information, and where possible, the skills to make a difference in their future and enable staff and pupils to consider their individual and collective environmental and social impacts. We discuss with them the necessity for change and sustainability, and equip them to impact in any way possible here at the Academy.


We take the challenges that the world faces seriously. We engage in meaningful and critical dialogue and ensure that social justice is at our core but at a level where children can feel they can make a difference both at in and out of the school environment.

We see sustainability as fundamental to our culture and practice and is our ‘business as usual’. Our staff and pupils are encouraged to learn about the importance of sustainability and it is important to us that they feel confident to engage with finding solutions to our world’s greatest challenges.