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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!

Welcome to the Year 3 page. Please take the time to have a look at what we have been doing so far in Year 3 and also what we will be doing as the year progresses. 


Our Teaching Team consists of Mrs Maloney, Mr Simpson, Mrs White, Mrs Balding, Miss Bates and Mrs Portas.


Important information

  • Year 3 P.E - Wednesday.
  • Homework is given out on a Friday and is due to be returned the following Thursday.


We will be updating this page regularly, so keep your eyes peeled for all the exciting learning we will be sharing with you.

Amazing New Computer Games - To Be Released Soon


Here are some of the amazing new computer games that year 3 have designed for their homework.  We look forward to seeing the rest as they arrive HOT off the production line!!


Digital Gamers


Today, Tuesday 25th April, we had our Topic entry point. Our new topic is 'Digital Gamers'. To immerse the children in the new topic we had a ‘gaming day’. The children looked at retro computer consoles and games. These are the games we played if you want to play them at home:


Space Invaders










Some of these games divided opinion in the classroom, which are your favourites?  Can you beat Max’s high score on Space Invaders of 16,350?

Lots of us dressed up for our special day! There were some amazing costumes and t-shirts!

Having a ball at the end of term!


The children had a super time testing out the new Wii and Just Dance 2017 in the hall.  After the holidays this will be one of the activities available to the children during lunch time.  





What an amazing afternoon.  A huge thank you to all the parents who came to our 'Exit Point'.  We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.


The children spent a very enjoyable half hour checking their parents eye sight, asking questions about their teeth, finding out how much they know about the human skeleton and the different food groups, telling them all about the human digestive system whilst they completed a digestive system jigsaw and putting their friends or even some of the parents into the recovery position.





3DS How Humans Work - Exit Point

World Book Day Challenge


Mr Simpson’s favourite books are written by Stephen Leather and involve a character called Dan ‘Spider’ Shepherd. 


He works for MI5 and used to be in the army.  To keep fit he goes for long runs in parks, forests and hills. 


He always runs in boots, combats, t-shirt and carries a rucksack with 8 bricks in it.


Depending how he feels depends how heavy the bricks are that he carries.


Green bricks = 3kg

Red bricks = 4kg

Blue bricks = 6kg

Black bricks = 7kg



Can you work out 10 different combinations that ‘Spider’ could carry on his runs?



8 x 3kg (green bricks) = 24kg

8 x 4kg (red bricks) = 32kg

8 x 6kg (blue bricks) = 48kg

8 x 7kg (black bricks) = 56kg


Good Luck.

Hand any combinations in to Mr Simpson for at least a ‘House Point’.

Year 3 Cross Country


On Tuesday 28th February everyone in Y3 competed in our cross country race.  The course was around the whole school field and was about 700m.  The weather was perfect for everyone to try their best and the children excelled themselves giving 100% effort.  

How The Human Body Works 'Entry Point'

Today (Monday 6th February) Year 3 have had the 'Entry Point' to their new topic 'How Humans Work'.  


We were very lucky to have lots of visitors in school to introduce us to different parts of the human body.  


St John's Ambulance did a great session on 

a.  Communication and Casualty Care (including calling 999)

b.  Primary Survey

c.  Recovery Position


The children listened really carefully and asked some great questions about helping others and providing basic first aid.


Dr Chattie from Chiropractor First gave up her day off to come and talk to the children about the human skeleton.  She brought in a number of different models for the children to look at and learn about.  She also talked about the organs and how important they are.  She also talked about nutrition and the importance of a healthy balanced lifestyle.


The school dental team provided us with a box of resources and an online resource all about teeth.  We talked about caring for our teeth and how important it is, especially as we only have 2 sets of teeth unlike sharks who can have up to 300 sets of teeth in a lifetime.  Can you remember the 4 names we can use for our first set of teeth?


Mr Gibbons from Premier Sport came in and did a session on health and fitness and taught the children how to take their pulses.  The children measured their resting heart rate and their exercising heart rate and looked at how long it took to return to normal.


Last but not least we looked at the human eye and the children looked at pictures and videos of artists drawing eyes to try and draw their own detailed picture of an eye.


A fantastic day was had by all and everyone is now very excited about all the interesting things we are going to learn during this topic!

Year 3 topic ‘Exit Point’.


This afternoon (Monday 30th January) the year 2 children came to see what we have been learning in our ‘Brainwaves’ topic.  Each class paired up with a year 2 class and shared some of the things the children have learnt/produced over the last 4 weeks. 


The children shared a variety of pieces of work including:

  • Their own versions of Gerald the Giraffe.
  • Brain facts from their homework.
  • Information from their nonchronological reports.
  • Information about the different types of learners.
  • Their brain models from their homework.
  • Meerkat Mail talk for writing actions.


The year 2 children were exceptionally well behaved and listened intently to everything they were told.


The year 3 children really enjoyed sharing their learning with year 2.


‘I enjoyed reading my story to the year 2s.  They listened very well and looked when I was talking.’ – Isabelle


‘I enjoyed testing the year 2s visual learning skills.’ – Jodie-Lynn


‘The year 2 children listened carefully while I was telling them about the brain.’ – Eva

Enjoying our exit point with Y2.

We are all very proud of our homework and enjoyed working hard at home with our mums, dads, grandmas, grandads and brothers and sisters.  We have used many different items to make our models.  We have used balloons, clay, card, Play-Doh, paper mache, tissue and even a cauliflower!!  Look carefully at the photographs, can you work out which model is made from which material? 


On Monday (30th January) we have our topic 'Exit Point' when we will be sharing what we have learnt with the Year 2 children.  

  • Some of us will be reading stories
  • Some of us carrying out a survey
  • Some of us testing what type of learners the year 2 children are
  • Some of us sharing our non-chronological reports about the brain
  • We will all be teaching the children a story we have learnt by adding our own actions and expression.

Year 3 are thoroughly enjoying learning about the brain as part of their 'Brainwaves' topic. Look at some of the fantastic homework projects they've worked hard on! Great support from parents - thank you!

Enjoying the brainwave entry point dressed as mad scientists.