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In art we have looked at lots of  different styles of artwork. First we looked at painting techniques and took inspiration from Leonardo Da Vinci and his painting The Mona Lisa.

Then we looked at creating art in a different way and how landart uses natural objects. The artist Andy Goldsworthy inspired us to collect leaves and twigs to create artwork.

Next we looked at printing using things such as sponges, objects even vegetables to print shapes to create art. We took inspiration from the artist Paul Klee.

Finally we looked at paper at and making a picture from ripping or cutting small pieces of paper to produce a collage. For this we looked at the artwork of Romare Bearden who also used pictures from magazines to create his collages.


Create a piece of art work that has been inspired by one of these artists. Make it personal to you by adding your own personal touch or twist. This could be that you paint your pet dog, You might create land art using your toys from your toy box. You could create a collage using some family photos.


We would love to see what you produce x 

Leonardo Da Vinci - Painting

Andy Goldsworthy - Landart

Paul Klee - printing

Romare Bearden - collage