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Communication and Language

Monday- Join Miss Smith on Zoom for speedy sounds and a sound treasure hunt.


Join Miss Smith on zoom, or if you cannot join zoom ask your child to identify any of the sounds below. If they struggle with this use the phonics poster on the phonics star and see if they can label the pictures of the sounds.


Tuesday- Share a story together


Read one of the stories from the reading star page or any story book you have. We have been talking about holidays, summer and the seaside at school so a book relating to this would be great! Talk about the book and what has happened, relating it to similar experiences you have had as a family. 

Wednesday- Talking about books


Get a selection of your childs favourtie books. Talk about the features of a book, for example the front cover, back cover, bar code, title etc. We have been discussing this with the children, and introducing words such as author and illustrator. 

Thursday- Metal Mike


Use a stuffed animal or puppet to talk in sound talk, for example c-a-t. Think of CVC words, such as dog, cat, fox, mug, man. Use the puppet to say the word in sound talk and your child should repeat the sounds back and try and orally blend the word. If you have a selection of these objects your child could point to the correct one. 

Friday- Talk about...


Ask your child to look at the picture below. Can they tell you about the picture? what is happening? what can they see? what do they think has happened?
Use this picture to create discussion.