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Communication and Language

Monday- Treasure Hunt


Play a treasure hunt game where you ask your child to go and find you a certain object. Depending on their ability you could ask them to find objects related to :

  • colour
  • shape
  • size
  • sound talk e.g find me a d-o-g
  • something beginning with...

Tuesday- Describe and find it.


collect an arrangement of animal toys/teddies or pictures of animals. Introduce each of the animals to your child. Then describe the animal using its colour and features. Can your child guess the correct animal? if they find this easy ask your child to give you clues. 



Wednesday- Read a story


Read a story together. Talk about what is happening on each page, using the illustrations. Ask the child what they liked or disliked about the story. Alternatively listen to one of the stories on the story time star. Our Story this week is based around the Christmas Story.

Thursday- Kim's Game


Collect a variety of differing objects from around the home. Introduce all of the items to your child, then cover and remove one of the objects. Can your child remember the item that has been taken away?

Friday- Talk about...


Ask your child to look at the picture below. Can they tell you about the picture? what is happening? what can they see? what do they think has happened?
Use this picture to create discussion.