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Physical Education

Our PE Story

At Old Clee, we aim for a high quality P.E curriculum which inspires pupils to engage in physical activity, enhance fundamental skills and develop an understanding of our core P.E values. 



National Curriculum


The national curriculum for physical education aims to ensure that all pupils:


  • develop competence to excel in a broad range of physical activities
  • are physically active for sustained periods of time
  • engage in competitive sports and activities
  • lead healthy, active lives.


Our Intent

Through the high quality teaching of P.E at Old Clee Primary Academy, we intend to provide all children with the opportunity to explore and develop their fundamental movement skills, including agility, balance and co-ordination. Teaching and skill acquisition is progressive throughout the year groups and allows the children to retrieve previous learning and build upon essential skills. Adaptations are made to ensure all children have access to the opportunity to develop their skills and passion of physical activity. Children are given the opportunity to develop these fundamental skills in their P.E lessons by working collaboratively with their peers and teachers, to give honest and supportive feedback using technical vocabulary. The combination of teamwork and appropriate challenge gives a platform to improve the quality of their technical understanding, skills, performance and self-confidence. The children's attitudes and conduct during P.E lessons at Old Clee reflects their understanding of our core P.E values and aspiration of sportsmanship qualities. Children are taught the importance of exercise (on their physical and mental well-being) during P.E and personal development lessons and how this understanding helps to establish a passion for physical activity and the lifelong positive impact this can have on our bodies and minds. This understanding of "cause and effect" has been further enhanced by our recent journey towards becoming a thinking school. Metacognition underpins everything that we do at Old Clee. We aim to develop self-aware thinkers, resilient problem solvers and reflective questioners who are equipped with the skills and knowledge to make a healthy and positive impact on the lives of those around them.


Our Implementation:

P.E lessons, physical activity and sport

Throughout the school, our core values (the school games values) are incorporated into each P.E lesson to enhance children's understanding of the expected qualities of an active/sporting personality. These include teamwork, respect, passion, self belief, honesty and determination. 





P.E lessons

Each week, all pupils will have a one hour and fifteen minutes P.E lesson with their class teacher. In previous years, our P.E specialist Mr Playford would have taught the children their P.E lesson. Moving forward from September 2023, we have chosen for class teachers to teach children their P.E lessons due to a variety of benefits. The benefits include:

  • Increased staff confidence, knowledge and skills due to opportunities of CPD from P.E specialist
  • Raises the profile of P.E and sport, increasing engagement and passion 
  • Allows the opportunity for more healthy lifestyle role models across the school 
  • Great opportunity for children to build their communication and leadership skills with the support of class teacher
  • Enables children and staff to build rapport, positively impacting on behaviour and enjoyment in other core subjects
  • Increased opportunities for engage, develop and compete competitions (in school and out of school)
  • Increased time and support to ensure active playtimes as well as before/after school clubs by P.E specialist


Physical activity




The Impact

Here at Old Clee Primary Academy, we aim to inspire a generation through fun filled engaging PE lessons. Children will understand the importance of P.E and the positive effect it can have on their physical and mental wellbeing, therefore encouraging them to be responsible for their own health and fitness.  Students will leave Old Clee with the sportsmanship values, skills and knowledge needed to be healthy successful individuals.


Pupil Voice


Year 3 Students - “I love challenges we try each lesson, my favourite subjects are indoor athletics and gymnastics”


Year 5 Student - “I really enjoy PE at Old Clee because of the range of sports we are able to learn. I also enjoy the different activity’s we have at after school clubs.


Year 6 Student - “I think PE at Old Clee is amazing. The lessons are always fun and energetic and help to keep me fit and healthy.”


Some outstanding examples of learning outcomes being achieved at Old Clee




Curriculum example:

Here is an example of our spiralised and progressive P.E Curriculum, across years 1-6.


Priorities for 2023-2025:

  • Embed our reviewed P.E curriculum and recently introduced P.E Values.
  • Enhance staff knowledge and expertise through both internal and external CPD opportunities. 
  • Embellish the lunch time period for children, to ensure there are a variety of active and engaging opportunities on offer, throughout the week.
  • Enhance physical activity engagement and participation beyond the P.E curriculum, by introducing before and after school opportunities. 
  • Expand our participation in events and sporting links with other schools in the local area, to give children the opportunity to engage, develop and compete which will build their confidence and understanding of sportsmanship.