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Spelling, Punctuation & Grammar



To instil the spelling patterns so the children can apply these within their literacy we focus on a sound each week. The children are familiar with our routine, but the daily activities are for those who forget or are unsure. 


Monday - Children sound out the words and circle the key sound. 

Tuesday - Children dot and dash the sounds. It is a dot for letters that make one sound and a dash for 2 letters making one sound (i.e. th, sh, le) and then they use their understanding to put the words into the correct boxes in the table. 

Wednesday - Children test each other on their spelling with a partner and swap. 

Thursday - Children add their spelling words to the table under the correct sounds. 

Friday - Children complete a spelling test. 

Punctuation and Garammar 

See  literacy for the daily task it will be on the attached document.