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Spring Term

Year 3 had the Science Boffin in today. He showed us how to make elephants tooth paste and explained how we needed air fuel and oxygen to make fire.

Science Day

Year 3 were scientists today taking on different scientific investigations! 

Biology investigation

We investigated different variables - Do people with longer arms throw further?

Physics - Balloon Rocket Investigation

We created ballon rockets and investigated how much thrust would move the rockets the furthest!

Chemistry investigation

We looked at how soil is formed.  We put soil from Miss Blake’s garden into clear plastic bottles with water and watched as it settled into layers.  We saw gravel, silt, sand, clay and organic material.  We learnt that soil is made from 25% air, 25% water, 3% organic matter and 47% minerals. 

Red Nose Day

World Book Day

We had a wonderful visit from an author called Bethany Walker who shared how she became an author! She is an author of funny books for children! 

We took part in many fabulous book related activities such as an author visit, costume parade, book swap, book talk interviews, being our own non-fiction authors and an amazing teacher reading swap! We had loads of fun sharing our love of books!

Well done to all of the Year 3s who took part in the Chartwells art garden competition. We hope you enjoy your little gift for taking part!

Roman History Visitor 

We had a wonderful visit from a Roman History expert who taught us about the Romans, their daily life and about the Roman Army! We had such an exciting day exploring artefacts and learning new facts!

Being a Reader & Writer

This half term we are reading two fabulous books! The first is a poetry book called ‘Poetry Pie’. It is full of humerous poems including many Clerihew poems of which we will use as inspiration for our very own poems! 
The second book we will be looking at is ‘The Paperbag Prince’ where we will be re-writing the story and thinking about how we can help take care of the environment. 

Listen to our Clerihew poems!

Still image for this video
We practised reading our Clerihew poetry out load using expression, tone and a clear voice!

A clerihew poem

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A Clerihew poem

Still image for this video

Listen to our Clerihew poetry!

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We practised reading our Clerihew poetry out load using expression, tone and a clear voice!

Being a Scientist!

This week in Science we were investigating whether the poles of a magnet attract or repel one another! 

In science we have learnt how a magnet has two poles. We made our own compass then observed that it always points north. We tested this outside and found out that a magnet will

move as compass.

Being a Historian!

We’ve been learning all about the Romans and the impact that they have had on Britain! During this lesson we learnt about all of the things the Romans brought to Britain and we discussed which idea was the most important. We ranked these as a class and discussed our reasoning!

Being an Artist!

We have been learning about a new artist called Kandinsky! We looked at some of his art work and discussed what we could see within the paintings! We also discussed how colours link to emotions. 

We have been using digital media to recreate artwork in the style of Kandinsky using shape.

Being a Designer

We have been practicing our stitching techniques using cross stitch, over stitch, back stitch and running stitch. 

Being a Geographer!

We have been using lots of maps and geographical coordinates to identify and locate the 5 main rivers in Europe! We used a part whole thinking frame to show our thinking process and explain which river is within which country.

Being a SUPERB citizen!

We’ve been talking about how we can be a SUPERB citizen by discussing hoe we can be self-aware, unique, a problem solver, empathetic, responsible and benevolent, This particular week we were discussing how we can be safe with medicine. 

In PE we have be learning how to control rolls in gymnastics