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WB 18.1.21


Talk Task: Look at the flowchart below. What is it showing you?



This week we are going to be scientists by looking at states of matter. We have already investigated the different types. Can you remember the three types?

This lesson we are going to be looking at the way states of matter change. To do this we are going to complete an experiment.

Science investigation:

You are going to imagine you are getting the food ready for a birthday party, and want to make some chocolate crispy cakes.


The party is only a few hours away, so you need to make them fast! You need to find out the best temperature for melting the chocolate.

Complete the investigation and fill in the investigation sheets below.


If you don’t have any chocolate at home to use. You can use ice instead.



If you need any help or support with today's writing task, please contact - - where a member of the team will be on hand to help