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WB 18.1.21



ART: Sketch and Draw  


This term we are going to be developing our sketching skills and will focusing on the work of Michelangelo. He is a very famous sketch artist. Here are some pieces of his art work. 



Your first acitvity is to examine his work and answer these questions. How does this make you feel? What tools or techniques has he used to create his work? Using the word documents below to type or write your answer. 

  Activity 2: We will be recovering the sketching skills we have learned and remind ourselves how to shade, cross hatch, and hatch. Watch the video below and have ago at each skill.


Activity 3: Now you have had ago at each skill try to use these to draw a apple or peice of fruit you have in your home. Remember take your time! 


If you need any help, support or guidance with any area of your work, please contact, where a member of the team will be on hand to help you!