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Personal Development

W/C 18-01-21

Personal development

Keeping safe online – selfies.

Read the text, ‘Selfies’, then using what you already know from previous lessons on online safety and what you have learnt from the text, respond to the statement and question below.


“The positives of sharing selfies online outweigh the negatives.”

To what extent do you disagree with this statement?



Remember to use PEEL to structure your points. P – Point, E – Evidence, E – Explain your example in further detail, L – Link back to your point




P – Sharing selfies can raise awareness of good causes.

E – For example, the ‘no makeup selfie’ trend a few years ago encouraged people to post pictures of themselves without any filters or makeup (positive body image).

E – This helped to counteract negative body image issues and got people talking about peer pressure, which was positive because….

L – This goes to show that sharing selfies can….


NOTE: This example agrees with the statement, remember your points should disagree.

Personal Development - Wednesday 27th January


Reliability of Online Sources


This week in Personal Development, you will be researching the reliability of a variety of news sources.


You will be able to understand the importance of using a reliable, trustworthy news source, spotting fake news articles and when to believe the reported information.


Task One:

Watch the News Round video on identifying reliable / unreliable news sources.


Task Two:

Look at the four reported headlines. Use the information below to help you to spot the fake headlines.


Task Three:

Write an explanation as to why reporting false information could be damaging. Think about the following aspects:

  • Damage to someone’s career (think of high profile celebrities e.g. footballers)
  • Damage to a person’s mental health
  • Damage to peoples friendships