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Personal Development

WB 12.07.21


Transition to Secondary School


For Personal Development this week, we will be focusing on the transition to secondary school.



Before we begin thinking about Year 7, I would like you to complete a DT related task. As you are in your final full week of Year 6, it would be nice to create your own keepsake to remember your class mates by. 


This week, you will be designing your own photo frame where you will keep our class photo. Although we have not had a normal year where we would be able to buy a class photo, we will take one of our own for you to take home. 


Use the planning format to help you to design your photo frame. Choose any materials you think will help the frame be strong enough to stand on its own!



A Letter to Your Future Self


As part of your transition, I would like you to reflect on your whole primary school experience. In this letter you will need to include:


- today's date

- when you are leaving primary school

- a favourite memory from each year

- your friends at this moment in time

- your favourite thing to learn 

- what you hope you are like by the end of secondary school

- predictions about secondary school


This letter you will need to keep very safe, I am going to challenge you to keep this letter for yourself to open at the end of your secondary school experience (this seems a very long way away, but it will fly by!)