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W/C 29-11-21

Being a Designer



A major supermarket chain has asked you to design a nutritious, healthy eating product for their healthy eating range of delivery recipe boxes (similar to Hello Fresh and Gusto).


They want to be able to sell your products as a three course recipe meal deal in a box.

Ingredients will be in the box along with recipe cards so that customers can make their very own homemade healthy meals at home without relying on ready meals.


You can choose whether you design the starter, main course or desert for the meal recipe box.


Your product must be suitable for a whole family.


Be nutritious and considered a healthy alternative option

Appetising and appealing

Consider your target audience (the buyer)

Packaged so that the buyer knows it is a healthy meal option


  1. Possible products

First of all, conduct some research – you could create a mood board or mind-map of possible menu options for your meal deal.


  1. Your recipe
  • What ingredients are needed?
  • How are these ingredients making the recipe healthy? (Consider healthy eating plate)
  • Preparation time (consider families usually are extremely busy).


  1. Write up the recipe that will be used on the recipe card
  • Ease of recipe – is it easy to follow and understand? Simple but informative
  • Remember to include prompts for the customer to ensure health and safety of kitchen practice.


  1. Design the packaging for your product
  • What does the customer need to know?
  • How can the packaging be appealing?
  • Have you considered the environmental impact of your products packaging? Is it recyclable? Can it be re used?