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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3 


The Teaching Team


The Year 3 teaching team consists of: 

Miss Birchall (3JB)

Miss Ridgeway (3LR)

Miss McEnnerney (3SM)

Miss Baxter (3EB)


 Mr Broughton - PE Teacher

Miss Hunter - Music Teacher

Mr Firth - Computing Teacher

Mrs Harker - MFL


We are really looking forward to teaching lots of exciting skills and exploring the wider curriculum. 

Over the next term, we will be completing lots of activities involving team work and collaboration to achieve a personal goal.

Look at what we achieved! smiley


P.E. Kits 


All children need to bring their kit on a Monday and then take it home on the Friday. If you are unsure of the uniform children need please look at the uniform policy on this website. 




All children will be given homework on a Friday and children need to hand in their book on a Thursday. 


Thank you very much. 


The Year Three Team smiley

Please head over to the Year 3 Home Learning page to find your home learning activities.





We are rockstars! This half of Spring term, Year 3 are focusing on our 3s, 6s and 8 and 9 timestable facts. We must learn them all! 


1 x 8 = 8              8 x 1 = 8          8 divided by 1 = 8       What is an 8th of 32?


Please go on Rockstars everyday!


Spellings Spring 2

Making Roman shields!

May The Writing Be With You!


Year 3  have been completing some Star Wars writing! They have created their own planets, villains and heroes. The question is... is the force strong with their writing?


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Cleo has written an amazing piece about her Villain Jen!


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Sport Relief - Run a mile!

Roman Soldier Boot Camp

Being a Roman Soldier 


Year 3 have been learning about the life of a Roman Soldier. The children really enjoyed throwing their spears, completing fitness training, marching 2 miles in formation and lifting 2kg of weight. The children are using this experience to get a real understanding of life as a soldier.  


It's World Book Day!

Declan and Nate

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Here are two of our shining stars from Sign Language club, Nate Greenwood (Y4) and Declan (3JB). Their facial expressions are an essential part of BSL grammar.
Their conversation is as follows:
Nate: What's your name?
Declan: I am Declan. What's your name?
Nate: I am Nate.
Declan: Thank you
Nate: Thank you

Summer and Alina

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Here are two brilliant students from Sign Language club, Summer and Alina. They have been practising BSL grammar. They have learned they need to change the order of the signs they use from English order to BSL order.
They are saying:
Alina: Name, what?
Summer: Name, me, Summer. Name, you, what?
Alina: Name, me, Alina.

Making Fossils

Learning our 9 times tables!

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Signing a Song!

Here's one of our Year 3 pupils signing a song whilst participating in Mrs Hunter's Signed Song Club. Summer has only been working on this for a short time but has been practising whenever she has had the chance. We are sure you'll agree that her hard work has paid off. We wonder if  you can guess which song she is signing? Have a look and then check below to see if you guessed correctly!

sign language.MOV

Still image for this video

Click here to find out what Summer is signing!

Maths - Key Instant Recall Facts

Number Day

Bug Club! Being a reader

Rapid Reasoning

Rapid Reasoning 


In 3LR the children have been exploring mass through using scales. Today the children had to reason to their partner about their findings. The children have been working really hard to collaborate in teams or pairs to solve Bob's mistakes. You can see how eager they became in their reasoning and took turns to tell Bob how he could fix his mistakes. 

Personal Development

Personal Development 


Year 3 have been working on becoming confident speakers and being able to lead the class in their own game. The children have worked hard to agree on a set of rules. Each member had a part in the creation of the game and children encouraged each other. The children enjoyed playing this as a team and developed the skill of speaking clearly and audiable with each other. 

Being a scientist 


This week year 3 have been working to investigate the needs of a plant. The children explored how they could make the test fair and recorded their results. The children will be eager to tell you about this!

Working as a scientist to investigate what plants need to grow

Understanding Ourselves


Year 3 have been looking at strategies to help them deal with any worries they may face. The children have been supportive of each other and shared ideas on how to help with their worries. Year 3 have been developing their speaking and listening skills. Children have been promoting manners and mutual respect for each other. 

Working through our worries

This Week, Year 3 have been looking at what plants need to grow. We had so much fun planting cress seeds!

Bird Feeders

Year 3 have been busy designing a product for our local wildlife. The children have developed new skills using the school kitchen. All children were able to slice, weigh and create nutritious food for our local wildlife during the long winter months. The children reflected on their designs and evaluated their success. To reduce our impact on the local enviroment the children used recycled materials.  


Being a Designer

New Year, New Goals!



2020 is our year to be the best we can be in Year 3! 

Let's see what we have been up to so far...

Christmas Jumpers


smileyPlease ensure your child has a Christmas jumper to wear for our showcase. Children can bring it to school in a labelled bag ready for Christmas jumper day and for our showcase!smiley



Tuesday 17th December 2019

Year 3 Loved <3 attending Church for Christmas!

This week, Year 3 attended church to sing a variety of songs to celebrate the festival of Christmas. They sang their hearts out and it sounded beautiful. They sang 'It was on a Starry Night', 'Little Donkey' and 'Silent Night'. I'm sure if you ask your child, they would be happy to perform a rendition of their top tune :) 

Readings from our School Councillors - Lama, Taylor and Alana

This Is How Year 3 Calm and Relax!




Year 3 have been doing some Yoga whilst listening to our favourite stories. First, we have listened to Harry Potter and the Philosophers Stone and on our second session, Alice in Wonderland. 

How are faiths similar?

This week, Year 3 had the pleasure of having faith leaders in from our local Mosque and Church. We were given the opportunity to ask questions about their faith and how they remember different celebrations and festivals. Year 3 had a wonderful time exploring the different celebrations and how it effects people of faith. 

Year 3's Subtraction Work

Year 3 have worked super hard in solving questions involving subtraction. We can now use counters to show how subtraction can be calculated. 

Our Shape-tastic Maths Day

Woooohooo! We can now calculate Right Angles... the right way :) 

Roman Workshop

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Roman Workshop


Today the children have expericed life as a Roman. The children have learned where Rome is and what life was like as a Roman shopkeeper. 


Year 3 Poetry!

On Monday, Year 3 had an amazing opportunity to work with a local poet (Ian Bland) and enjoy a range of different poetry.  All our children had a brilliant time, and many couldn't wait to get back to the classroom and create their own! Below are some of the finished products of some children performing their poems.

The Poetry Workshop

Poets in 3SM

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Poets in 3JB

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Poets in 3LR

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Poets in 3EB

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Being a Historian!

Exploring Perimeter

Pablo Picasso Abstract Art

Being Geographers in 3EB

Team Games

Being a Team Player 


Year 3 have been working on our ability to support and help each other when faced with a challenge. Today the children have worked in a team to help them build positive learning relationships. The children had to move themselves across the hall without letting go of their hoop or ball. Through this the children had to be effective communicators and direct their team as well as listen to instructions. 

Being a Mathematician!

Place Value 


Using our mathematical equipment Year 3 have been exploring how to partition 3 digit numbers, count in 100s, 50s, 4s and 8s. We have spotted patterns and worked together to help each other when we have been stuck. We are able to exchange and regroup hundreds, tens, and ones to enable use to make 1000.  

Being a Geographer! We can name the features of a river and make our own.

Being a Geographer!


In year 3 we have been exploring the physical features of a river and exploring how rivers are created. During our lessons we have created our own rivers and explored the different features. We have even discovered our large local such as the River Humber and now are going to investigate rivers around the world.

Being a Scientist!

We have been busy pulling plants apart and investigating the different parts and how each part works. We have worked together to share our collective knowledge.

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