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Personal Development

WB 18.1.21

Problem Solving



To know how people can be influenced by their peers and how to manage this.


Buzz Words: peer influence, peer pressure, peer approval.



This week we are looking at how our peers can influence our behaviour and how this can be managed.


Jot down on a piece of paper what you think peer approval might mean.

How might this influence (change) our behaviour?  

In what ways can peer influence be a negative?



Below are some different scenarios where a friend is pressuring a certain action. Choose at least one of these to work on and answer the questions.


If you would like to challenge yourself further, have a go at thinking of your own scenario and how you would deal with it. You could also think of a time that you have been in a peer pressure situation and how you dealt with it. Is there a better way that you should have used to deal with it?


WB 25.1.21

Problem Solving



To know how people’s online actions can impact on other people and how to stay safe.


Buzz Words: online, safety, online pressure.



This week we are looking at our online behaviours and how to stay safe online.


Do you think that people act differently online? Why do you think this?

Jot down some ideas.


Read the information on the PowerPoint. Why is it important to stay safe online?


Your first task is to complete the online safety rules sheet. You need to write 5 rules for staying safe online.



Next, read the online safety discussion cards. Choose two scenarios and write down how you should deal with the situation.


If you would like to challenge yourself, think about your own online behaviours. Is there anything that you can do to become safer when online?

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