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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2. Here you can find key information and hear all about the exciting learning that is taking place in our year group. 

Year 2 Curriculum Overview Autumn Term

Meet the Team

The Year 2 team consists of Miss Miller, Mrs Hall, Mrs Airey, Miss Thompson, Mrs Brown, Mrs Carter and Mrs Quantrill.


Daily Items

Home-school books and reading books and records should be brought into school every day. It is also encouraged that your child brings their own bottle of water each day.


PE Kit

Year 2 pupils will usually have PE on a Wednesday. However, PE kit should be brought into school on a Monday and taken home on a Friday as it means pupils will have their kits if there are any changes to the usual timetable.



Homework will be handed out on a Friday every week. Your child will be given a list of 10 spellings to learn, and will be expected to practice their times tables on the TT rockstars website. Once your child has logged in (find their log in information in their home school contact book) they should click on the 'garage'' button, to access personalised times tables which have been set by the class teacher. 

Spellings and times tables will be tested every Friday by the class teacher. 

Autumn 2 Spelling words list 
Maths - Key Instant Recall Facts

KIRFS are key instant recall facts which we will be practicing at school. This week we are recapping all of the KIRFS we have learnt so far.  Please help your child at home with these too.

Even numbers end in 0,2,4,6,8.

Odd number end in 1,3,5,7 and 9.

Doubles of all numbers to 10.

Greater than >

Less than <

Halves of all even numbers to 20.

Pairs of multiples of 10 which make 100 e.g. 10 + 90 = 100.

Triangular based pyramid: It is a 3D shape with 4 faces. All of the faces are triangles. It has 4 vertices and 4 edges.

Any number multiplied by 0 is always 0 

Dividing means to share equally. Shared by, groups of, divisible by. 

Half is one of two equal parts of an object, quantity or shape. 

One quarter is one of four equal parts of an object, quantity or shape. 

Times Tables Rockstars
Autumn 2 

Harvest Festival

Thank you for all your donations of food and toiletries. This will make a massive difference to others. 

As we are unable to celebrate in our local church this year - we thought we would bring our harvest celebration song to you! We hope you enjoy the children’s lovely singing. This is our Harvest Festival song. 


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Harvest Song 2NH


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Harvest Song 2LM

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