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Year 5 Summer Newsletter

Welcome to Year 5

Here you can find key information and hear all about the exciting learning taking place in our year group.

Meet the Team

Mr Dean (5JD)

Mrs Formby (5TF)

Mrs Wheatley (5CW)

Mrs Maloney (5JM)



Daily items to be brought in from home:

  • yellow home/school contact book

  • reading book and light-blue reading record

  • water bottle


PE Kit

Weekly PE lessons will take place each THURSDAY.

However, pupils should bring their OUTDOOR PE kit to school every Monday and take it home each Friday; PE kits will then be available if there are any changes to the normal timetable.



Personalised spellings and Times Tables will set each week on a FRIDAY.

Assessments of these will take place the following Friday. 

Learning times tables is also an ongoing part of homework.



KIRF Homework 18-06-21

After researching the artist and sculptor Alberto Giacometti, we learnt skills that would help us recreate some of his most famous work, recreating texture and form using foil and pipe cleaners for skeletal structure. What do you think?

Recreating Giacometti Sculptures

In 5JD we have been investigating 'Stability' as part of our DT work. We learnt about centre of mass, something important in building everything from sports cars to buildings. We used our knowledge to help build and evaluate these balancing vegetable sculptures!

DT: The Science of Stability

In Science, we have learnt about Spencer Silver and his accidental discovery of the glue used on Post-It-Notes. Today, Year 5 have  been scientists and have conducted a fair test. We have our made own glue using a variety of kitchen ingredients!

In Science we were investigating irreversible changes. We conducted an experiment with bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. What happened? Ask your child to tell you what happened when the two materials were mixed.

Banksy Inspired Graffiti Tags

Say hello to this week's Year 5 Eco warriors, under the supervision of Mr Miller.  You're doing a great job looking after our environment.  Well done!

Art or Vandalism?

In our art lessons, we have been studying the work of the anonymous  street artist Banksy. In our literacy lessons,  we have debated the wider controversial issue over whether or not graffiti is art or vandalism. The children have looked at work by Banksy and other well know street artists and also graffiti from the local area. They have used this information to write a discussion text. 

Our seeds have germinated!

As part of our Science work, we have been looking at the life cycles of plants. In autumn, we harvested seeds and earlier in the spring term we planted them. We used the green houses we made in DT to help the seeds to germinate and now look!!!! Next stop: fully grown plants and flowering; watch this space, folks!

Children in Need Week

As part of Children in Need week, we have been been focusing on one of five different aspects each day in our Personal Development lessons: Connect, Take Notice, Get Active, Be Curious and Give. We all then celebrated Children in Need on Friday 13th November by making a donation to wear our spots and bright colours for our non-uniform day. Thank you to everyone for supporting this very worthy cause.


We learnt about the importance of mindfulness and meditation.

We enjoyed completing some mindfulness colouring activities whilst listening to relaxing music.

Here we are showing off our spots and bright, colourful clothing for Children in Need!

A perfectly observed 2 minute's silence today...

TTRockstars, Maths Week England, 2020

Ladies & Gentlemen- Autumn Days. Verse One: 5CW

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Verse Two: 5JD

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Verse Three: 5JM

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Verse Four: 5TF

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Year 5 Curriculum Overview Autumn Term

We are Historians

Images of our historical 'Hot seating' session in which we wrote 'open' questions we would like to ask to both a Viking warrior and a monk who were present at the Viking raid on the monastery at Lindisfarne. The children then acted out their responses when asked them to help us understand how it must have felt for both sets of people being there.

We are Musicians

We really enjoyed listening and appraising in our music lesson which focused on Bon Jovi's rock anthem, Living on a Prayer. After finding the pulse and tapping the rhythm to the track, we discussed our initial responses to the song - likes or dislikes, the way it made us feel, what we heard etc. We then used some key music vocabulary as headings to focus our listening and generate a more in-depth discussion about what we'd heard. Our next activities were some musical games during which we clapped back some rhythms and warmed up our voices before beginning to learn to sing the song ourselves. Have a look at the jottings we made from our discussions and watch us as we clap our rhythms. Be  sure to look out in the future for a video of us singing along to the track to see if we reach rock star status in the next few weeks!

clapping rhythms video.mp4

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We are Scientists!

They're growing!!

We are Readers

We have been working on our comprehension skills by looking at a poem about the Vikings. After reading the text, we identified and discussed tricky words in order to broaden our understanding of the poem and also to extend our vocabulary. We then identified key words in the questions and highlighted key information in the text which would help us when writing our answers. These are skills which we will use throughout the year when working on reading and comprehension activities.

We are Scientists

As part of our ongoing work in Science, we have been planting wild grass seed. We are keeping our fingers crossed that they will germinate!

Hello from the new Year 5!

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