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Religious Education

Year 3 - R.E.

Being a Theologian

This term our RE topic is Faith Founders.  We will be looking at Christianity and Hinduism and seeing how these religions were founded, how they differ and if they are similar in any way.

Lesson 2 – The Story of Creation

This week we are going to be looking at the books that are at the centre of the faiths of Christianity and Hinduism, - the Bible (Christians) and the Vedas (Hinduism).


Vocabulary List

Faith    Founder     Jesus     Religion   Follower   Bible    Christian     Vedas   Hinduism   Creation

We are going to look at the stories of creation.


Task 1 - look through the two Creation Story power points and talk about them with your grown up. What have you learnt?  What do you think about the stories?  What do you think about God, Lord Vishnu and Brahma?


Task 2 - work through the Hindu Story of Creation Quiz -  Faith Founder - Lord Vashnu/Brahma


Task 3 – make the Christianity Story of Creation wheel - Faith Founder- God.  can you use it to tell the story to someone at your home?


Task 4 – think about both stories – which story is your favourite? Why?

Look at the power points below to help you with the activities above and talk about the information with your grown up.


Print off the activity sheets and work through the task, alternative if you are not able to print off the work, use paper to answer the questions and make your own version of the creation story wheel.