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Religious Education

Please follow the lesson plan below - if you are unable to print off the paper copy please write your answers on a piece of paper.

Year 3 - R.E.

Being a Theologian

This term our RE topic is Faith Founders.  We will be looking at Christianity and Hinduism and seeing how these religions were founded, how they differ and if they are similar in any way.

Vocabulary List

Faith    Founder     Jesus     Religion   Follower   Bible    Christian     Vedas   Hinduism   Creation

Lesson 4 – To show how faith affects how people act



How many religions do we know about?


What significant facts do you know about each religion?


How do the people of these religions act?

Writing Task -

Think of the two religions we have been learning about. 

Make a poster to show everything we know about them and also the differences between them.