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Year 1

Welcome to Year 1

A big hello and welcome from the year 1 team. The teaching team consists of:

1JL - Mrs Leader (Year 1 team lead), Mrs Brown and Mrs Taylor

1AR - Mrs Rytting, Mrs Hersey and Miss Webster

1AW - Miss Walton and Miss Swanson.

Daily Routines

Please ensure that children bring their yellow home/school contact book to school every day. This book is used to communicate messages between home and school such as change of collection details and record such things as weekly spelling scores.

Reading books are to be brought to school daily. School reading books are changed every Tuesday and Friday (if the book has been read at home). Focus author books are changed termly. We encourage home reading as it greatly improves fluency and comprehension skills. Reading a book several times offers reading development - a book can be read initially to sound out new words, a second time to read by sight and a third time for fluency and comprehension. PLEASE record home reading in the green reading record book. We aim for a minimum of 3 reads a week.

Coats, Sun hats and Sun cream - please ensure the children are prepared for the ever changing English weather. We do like to embrace the outdoors and have lots of outdoor learning environments that are shaded from the rain, so please bring a jumper/coat/jacket.



Please come to school in your outdoor PE kit every Thursday. Please check the school uniform policy for a full kit list. Earrings must be removed on PE days unless pupils are able to remove them themselves.



Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFS) for maths quick recall

Find out what we are learning about this Autumn term ...

Here are some of the things we have been up to...

Year 1 doing theJoe Wicks challenge for Children in Need

Being a Scientist and Being a Writer. This week we have been in the Forest School learning all about invertebrates, we then transferred our knowledge and have written fact files about them.

Year 1 supporting Anti-Bullying Week wearing their odd socks

Being a Theologian 

We have been learning about Diwali -the Hindu festival of light. We sequenced the story of Rama and Sita. We coloured and made our own Diwali paper lanterns.

Being a Scientist

This week we have started to look at animals including humans. The children enjoyed using their scientific enquiry skills of classification to sort the animals under the correct headings.

Being a Mathematician

This week in maths we have been looking at sharing and grouping. The children showed how they can work well with their partners to solve mathematical problems involving sharing.

Being an Artist

We had fun mixing skin tones and adding layers to our artwork using mixed media.

All About Me - National Poetry Day

Still image for this video

Being a Mathematician - problem solving

Year 1 have been learning to subtract numbers to 20 this week. We started the week investigating the resources (concrete apparatus) we could use to help us work out subtraction maths problems. The children loved using the conkers and fir cones. They transferred their skills to use cubes and counters and by the end of the week draw and represent their own problem solving in their maths book. This moved their learning to pictorial then abstract methods. 

Being a Scientist

We used our scientific skills of classification this week to identify, name and group everyday materials. The children enjoyed labelling items in the classroom.

Being a Designer 

As part of our DT project we have designed and made our own fruit salads today. We had great fun in the school kitchen using bossy verbs. We have been chopping, slicing, mixing and stirring! 

Being a SUPERB citizen

As part of our 'problem - solving' unit we have been learning about road safety and learning some of the road signs we might see. We practised crossing the road safely in our playground using the path and the kerb.

We enjoyed singing to the 'stop, look, listen, think song on you tube too.

Today we had our School Council assembly and we had a special visitor. We are so proud of our Year 1 student council. They are going to do a great job. Well done 🌟

Being a Writer - We have acted out our text map ready to write about our visit to the forest school.

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Here is some of our writing about our forest school visit.

Forest School - Being a Scientist

we went on a wild plant hunt this week following our hunt for garden plants last week. The children visited our forest school area and enjoyed a range of activities. We looked for, spotted and smelt a range of wild flowers. We sketched some of the flowers we found at the art table. Then we used some of the lavender to make lavender pancakes around the fire pit. Mr Miller and Mr Miller Jr were excellent pancake flippers. 

What a fantastic way to learn x 

Settling In

The children have settled well and have enjoyed their first week in Year 1. They have been getting used to routines and expectations and practising moving around the school like SUPERB citizens.

This week we have celebrated our SUPERB behaviour and those children who were recognised as standing out as SUPERB were treated to a smoothie or a special coin that they can use at a later date in our school 'prize' vending machine ... watch this space for more information about our SUPERB celebrations.

Being a smart student 

Being Self-Aware - SUPERB Citizen

the children have settled well in school and have had lots of opportunities to get to know their new class and teachers. We have been talking about our feelings and emotions, how to spot them, deal with them and support others too. We read the book The Colour Monster and talked about the colours that match our feelings. We have enjoyed creating some wonderful colour monster artwork too.