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Oxford Owl

From the KS1 Virtual Reading Classroom, click in Online Resources. Then there are two links for Oxford Owl. One will provide login details and a demonstration and the other will take you to the web page.

Please try and read daily. We have a wealth of reading books and audio books available on our school website. 

'Clever people read books' xx


You can access school reading books via the Oxford Owl site (there is a screencast below which will explain how to access Oxford Owl).


Which Oxford Owl book should my child read?


The book band level will be the colour reading book that your child brings home each night. The RWI book is the phonics level your child works on each day in school.


When you click on the Oxford Owl link, chose a book the same colour as the one your child brings home.


When you click on the Red Write Inc link, chose the level which matches your child’s home reading book. E.g. If your child brings home a yellow colour reading book, they will be in a green book RWI group.

Oxford Owl Shared log in details -


Class 1;            User Name : ocpa year 2 and 1      password: twos


In addition, we have directed you to a book a day story video. This is an audio book that the children can access and have a story read to them by different famous people. To access the 'virtual library' click on the phonic link below and when the phonic page opens click on the STORYTIME logo and it will open the 'virtual library book case' . Click on the book we have directed you to and listen away xx 

This weeks story time audio books

WC 29.03.21 Reading Response Home Learning

In reading response time this week we have three different activities. They can be completed in any order. If you don’t have many books at home you can use one of the stories on the online library or one of the teacher read books.

Phonics activity

Phonics treasure hunt. Sound out the words on the coins. Are they real or are they alien? Put the real words in the treasure chest and the fake words in the bin. 

Reading comprehension

Read the text and use it to answer the questions. Some are just a tick answer and some require a sentence. This week our text is a non-fiction text "All About Spring’. If your child finds this text tricky, read it together and then ask your child the questions. See if you can find the answers in the text together.

Book Review

Please complete the book review about any book you have read this week. It can be one of the books you have listened to on the reading tab or one of your own books from home.

Story Time Books read by the Year One Teachers

Audio Stories for you to watch x