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Touch Typing

For the next few weeks, we are going to be learning to touch type. You may like to use purple mash to help you with this or you might find that using word or notes on an ipad will help your child with this skill. Your child could write the piece of writing for that week on the notes on their ipad as this will help to build up with touch type skills. If you would like to use Purple Mash, please use the instructions below to help you. 



1. Find Purple Mash password in your home school book. 

2. Click on the link below and sign in.

3. Click on the to dos 

4. Launch the app and complete it. 

5. Before you exit, you might like to save their work under their classes folder, E.G. 3EB, 3JB, 3RS or 3BB so that your teacher can look at it. 


If you require further support, please email

Log into purple mash - go to your 'to do's' and see what has been assigned.