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Maths W/C 18.1.21


We are learning about doubles.
This is when you add two of the same number.


  • Use the number cards 1-10.
  • Choose a number card and make the number. You can use objects or find the correct piece of Numicon (printable).
  • Can you work out the double of that number?
  • Count out the same number of objects again or find the same piece of Numicon.
  • Now add together both numbers to find the double.
  • Can you write your double fact on the doubles worksheet?
    • Example : 5+5=10


Practise your doubling skills using Numicon or different objects from around the house/garden throughout the week (suggestions below).

Monday – Doubles using Numicon (printable).

Wednesday – Doubles using buttons.

Thursday – Doubles using uncooked pasta.

Friday – Doubles using pennies.

Doubles songs

Can you write your numbers?

If you are unable to print any of the above resources please design your own.