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Week beginning 25.01.21


You will need to use the link below to log in to Charanga Music School using your log in details, which your teachers will email to you.


The section is called "Everyone!", exploring family, friends, people and music from around the world.


This week, we are listening to My Mum Is Amazing by Zain Bhikha and performed by Naadira Ali. Click on the picture titled "Everyone!", and launch Step 4.


Play the song, and try to find different ways to move to the music. See if you can find the pulse (the beat in the music).


Can you talk about your feelings towards this music? 

Did the music make you feel happy, sad, sleepy, excited, worried, like dancing, like an animal, grumpy?


After you have done that, try practising the songs down the right hand side. Have fun!