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Ancient Greece - Athens and Sparta


Athens and Sparta were two polis (cities) in Ancient Greece.

Democracy – a place where people vote in making important decisions. Sparta did not follow a democracy meaning the King made all of the decisions regarding any ‘laws’ whereas Athens did have a democracy.

Task 1

Read the information text and answer the following questions. You must write neatly and in full sentences (not short answers).

  • Where they were located and what did this mean for them?
  • What did they believe about democracy and education?
  • How did a boy’s life differ from a girl’s life, in Sparta and Athens?

You must also find

  • One similarity between Athens and Sparta.
  • One difference between Athens and Sparta.


Task 2

If you had to have lived in one of these places in Ancient Greece, which would you prefer and why? Give detailed reasons for your opinion.


Ancient Greeks - Athens and Sparta information texts