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At Old Clee, we aim for the children to experience and study a wide range of art from various artists through a structured sequence of lessons, offering an opportunity to study traditional world-famous artists, as well as local and modern day artists. The children will then have opportunities to recreate various pieces in the style of the artist being studied, as well as taking inspiration and creating their own pieces. The children will be able to self-evaluate and improve their work through critical discussions and opinions formed, using their own ever-growing technical vocabulary.


Spiralising art across the year groups allows artists and themes to be introduced and explored in the lower key stage; then during the upper key stage the children are to deepen their understanding of techniques and styles previously looked at as well as being able to discuss and communicate more technically about their learning. Revisiting artists, techniques and styles offers opportunities for the children to learn, understand and embed this knowledge and skill set in their long term memory.


The school will have engaging, vibrant themed displays following the art studied and produced across the school by the children. These will offer inspiration to other year groups as well as an insight into what others are learning.



Art across the academy will be taught once over a two-week cycle, partnered with DT in the week it is not taught, for an average of one hour throughout the year groups. Over the year, each year group will cover five artists, and research will be carried out at the start of the first term – covering all artists. This approach will allow children to be immersed in art for every lesson following the first term. During the practical lessons, a range of techniques and skills will be introduced (lower keystage) and refined (upper keystage).  It is important that the children understand the artist’s style as work recreated will be inspired by the artist being studied. There will be many opportunities to see, experience and appreciate different styles of art – whether it be physically, first hand, via printouts or online. Once children are exposed to the artist, they will have regular opportunities to recreate work from their interpretation. Art is subject to the artist’s opinion: art becomes a subject for all of the children to enjoy and be immersed in as it is purely subjective.



The impact and measure of this is to ensure that children at Old Clee are equipped with knowledge of different experiences of art, produced using different mediums from all across the world. Children lower in the school will be immersed in discussion and forming opinions so later on in KS1 & KS2, they are able to be reflective of artist’s, their peers and their own work. Progression of art will be built upon each year through our differentiated approach to learning. This allows for a consistent approach towards pitching lessons across the school. The children will work in and out of a sketchbook, which will be an ongoing capsule of art efforts and experimentation; this book will follow them through their years at Old Clee. Through spiralisation, the sketchbooks will showcase the children revisiting and improving on techniques and styles learned. Specific vocabulary has also been highlighted through the year groups and this is also built upon progressively through the school.


Following this, the aim for all of the children at Old Clee is to be confident in using technical vocabulary accurately through opportunities to analyse, recreate and evaluate professional art work, as well as their own. Children will improve their enquiry skills and inquisitiveness about the world around them. They will show confidence in improving their resilience and perseverance by continually evaluating and improving their work.