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Art lessons at Beacon Academy.

Have a look at our fabulous DT work with cams! 

5MB Haiku Poetry

5EO Haiku Poetry Readings

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Personal Development

Making cups from different materials to test their properties...

Air Resistance in Action: Paper Gyrocopters

Flying our tetrahedron kites!
We may have some evaluating to do…

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#LetGirlsPlay ⚽️

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Making our own computer games! 

... Miss Offiler definitely struggled playing the games we made!

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Finding the perfect shade for our final piece…

… inspired by Rodin! 

The Mission to Separate a Mixture of Flour, Rice and Drawing Pins!

We have lift off! Our seed has germinated!

Creating Maquettes (prototype sculptures)

As part of our studies of Rodin, we have been trying to create small sculptures (maquettes) of our hands and fingers to help us get used to working with clay. 

Separating Solutions in Science

We mixed sand, salt and water to create a solution. Our task was then to separate these materials. We used filter paper to separate the sand and 'brine', and then we put our remaining solution in petri dishes on the radiator so that the water could evaporate and leave behind the salt! Some of the water has started to evaporate already. 


A huge well done to our fantastic swimmers who achieved their Grade One in their first swimming lesson! 

Lifecycle of a Plant

As part of our Science work this week we have been learning all about lifecycles. This week we studied the lifecycle of plants, learning about how they germinate, grow, reproduce and disperse their seeds. This is our bean plant... or should we say, the beginnings of our bean plant. It may not look much now, but we'll keep you posted on it's progress...

Cushion making in DT

For our project in DT, Year 5 have been putting their sewing skills to the test by making cushions. We definitely have some designers in the making! We think we have done a great job. What do you think? 

Hot seating in Literacy

We have been hot seating in literacy. We pretended to be the main character ‘Dar’ who was a stone age hunter. We created open-ended questions to ask our partners.

Colour mixing

This week in art we have been mixing tertiary colours in preparation of our final piece of art work inspired by Andy Warhol.

Experimenting - Gravitational Pull

Year 5 have had lots of fun in Science this week learning about gravitational pull! They are eager to learn more about air resistance after they gathered their results… 

Making Prototypes

Over the past couple of weeks, we have planning and designing the cushions we will be making as part of our textiles unit. Before we make the final product, we practised our sewing skills by making a prototype of our *hopefully* end product! 


This week we've been lucky enough to have worked with Mr Williams. He came in to promote speaking and listening within our classrooms through our study of our class book, The Ice Bear. He helped us to develop vocabulary and articulation! It was great fun and a chance to talk through our learning.


Well done to all of the children who attempted Ms Begum's countdown challenge this week! We are super impressed by the different methods you used! 🤩

Orbiting in Science

In Year 5 this week we have been learning about our solar system! We went outside to recreate the solar system, and even attempted to orbit around the sun. Have a look at our recreation of it!


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Harvest Festival Celebration

This week we have been learning about Harvest Festival! We enjoyed a lovely singsong and an assembly delivered by Mr Clancy! 

DT Textiles: Creating a Running Stitch (I have never heard children so quiet and focused!)


This week, we shall be enjoying exploring a rich variety of poetry styles. Take a look at our silent debate in which we discussed our likes and dislikes of our first batch of 'Acrostic', 'Kennings' and 'Concrete' poetry...

Poetry: Silent debate

Digital Detectives - E-Safety Assembly


This morning Year 5 have been ‘digital detectives’! They have investigated five different online scenarios, identified the concerns and offered some fantastic advice to overcome the problems.

Experimenting Properties of Materials 


In science this week we have been carrying out different experiments exploring the properties of materials. We used our scientific knowledge to investigate the following: conduction of heat, conduction of electricity, magnetism and solubility! 

More investigating Materials (Look for the 'pepper incident'!)

Student Councillor Campaigns 


It's that time of the year again where each class elects their class councillor! Both teachers and pupils were blown away by the posters, poems or speeches the children prepared for this. Well done to all those who took part! 

Designing Cushions in DT

Putting our maths' skills to the test by multiplying and dividing by 10, 100 and 1,000.

Life Cycles in Science


In science this week, Year 5 have loved learning about the life cycles of different animals. The children worked in pairs to look at the similarities and differences of the life cycles of an insect and a bird. They even had a range of scientific vocabulary words they had to research and define, before using them in their own writing! 

Stellated Dodecahedrons


In Year 5, we combined our maths skills and art skills and worked as a team to create a quite impressive 3D shape called a stellated dodecahedron! First, we each made an individual point (pentagram) by decorating a net and using our cutting, folding and sticking skills to create a 3D shape. Next, we worked in teams to attach twelve pentagrams to construct each stellated dodecahedron. It wasn't easy but with teamwork, perseverance and super problem-solving skills, we got there in the end!


Focused Author Book: Danny the Champion of the World


Each of the Year 5 classes has started  to read our focused author book - Danny the Champion of the World  by Roald Dahl. Before reading, we looked carefully at the cover and read the blurb and discussed our first impressions of the book, making sure we justified our opinions. Next, we made and recorded predictions detailing our thoughts on who the main characters might be and what main events might occur. Again, we gave reasons to explain our ideas. We are now enjoying listening to the first few chapters and will continue to work on a range of reading response activities as the story progresses.