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Week Beginning- 12.07.21


Map Work and Six Figure Grid Reference


This week for Geography, the main focus is map skills. The children will be completing this through learning the journey or route to their new secondary school. 


If you have internet, a great way of doing this would be to access 'Google Earth' at


'GoogleMaps' at: 


Today's Geography Task: 

Write a set of descriptive instructions on how to get to your new secondary school. 


Helpful Tips: 

Include Street Names in your instructions (for example: Once you reach the corner of Colin Avenue, please turn left until you reach the green gates which say 'Old Clee Primary Academy'. 

Make sure your directions are clear (turn left, turn right etc).

Imagine that you are writing these for people who have never been to your school.

Make sure you have a starting point and finishing point. 


If you have not got access to the internet, please use the maps below to help with your directions to secondary school. 




Can you use the compass directions within your instructions? 

(For example: Head north, turn north-west, head south-west onto Colin Avenue)



Good luck and have fun!