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WB 29.2.21


This week, we are continuing our writing focus on biographies, using the work you completed last week. 



Using the following links below, research another aspect of Philip Pullman and add this to your biography. Remember to give your paragraph a title. You also may want to add extra facts to the biography you have written. E.G. does he have children? Is he married? Is he still writing today?



Edit your paragraph using the success criteria created last week - there is a copy below if you don't have one at home. Improve your work ensuring you have met the criteria. Have you included any of the Year 3/4 spelling words? Have you improved a previous paragraph with extra information?

Can you publish your work by typing it up on to a Microsoft Word  document on the computer? 



Today we are going to learn about the 5 paragraph plot.

Every story fits the 5 paragraph plot

  1. The setting
  2. The characters
  3. The problem
  4. The conflict
  5. The resolution


Using the document below, use the table to complete the 5 paragraph plot information in the stories. The first one has been done for you as an example.

If you are unsure of any of the stories, use the internet/you tube to find the story.