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Welcome to Reception!

Welcome to the Reception page. Please take the time to have a look at what we have been doing so far in Reception and also what we will be doing as the year progresses. 


Our Teaching Team consists of Mr Cranidge, Mrs Leader, Mrs Jones, Mrs Hall, Miss Redgrift and Mrs Adams and Mrs Brown.


Important information

PE Days

Please make sure that your child has their PE kit in school at all times. 

Rainbow 1 PE Day - Monday

Rainbow 2 PE Day - Thursday

Rainbow 3 PE Day - Tuesday



Children will take their Home Learning books home every Friday. Please look out for their new homework each week. If your child hasn't brought their book to school, the homework will be sent on a separate sheet of paper.



Please read with your child as many times as possible during the week. This will support your child by building their confidence to use the sounds they are learning in Read, Write, Inc.


We will be updating this page regularly, so keep your eyes peeled for all the exciting learning we will be sharing with you.

What a busy week we have had! We had a great time on Monday during our sports day. We let our butterflies go and watched them fly away to find a new home. We have listened to the story Superworm and carried out lots of activities related to this for example we have made Superworm with beads and playdough, written about Superworm and measured Superworm using cubes and a ruler. Thank you to all those parents who attended on Wednesday afternoon to listen to our story The Hungry Caterpillar and our tiny little Caterpillar song. We hope you enjoyed looking through our books and thank you for coming.

This week something special happened in Rainbows. Our butterflies hatched out of their cocoons! We were so excited to finally see them. They are Painted Ladies and are very beautiful. We have given them some fruit and flowers to feed on. We will release them into the wild next week.

Welcome to the world little butterfly!

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Look at our minibeast models!
A massive well done to all the children who made a model of a minibeast for their homework. We were very impressed! A big thank you to parents and carers who helped to make them. Here is a selection of some of our creepy crawlies!
This week we have started to learn more about different types of minibeasts. We have enjoyed finding different bugs in our Creepy Crawly Corner and outside in our playground. We have been looking closely at them with magnifying glasses and bug viewers. We have been painting and making 3D bugs too. We were excited to find that some of our caterpillars have built a cocoon and we are watching them carefully to see when they turn into butterflies. In maths we have been recognising and ordering numbers. 

This week we have continued to learn about the life cycle of a butterfly. Our caterpillars are growing quickly and we are enjoying watching them. We have written facts about butterflies and in maths we have been learning about symmetrical patterns.

This week we have been learning the story of The very hungry caterpillar. We have enjoyed painting and making caterpillars. We have learnt about the life cycle of a butterfly. We were excited to get real life tiny caterpillars in our class. We are going to watch them carefully, we can't wait to see them turn into butterflies! In maths we have been learning about position and repeated patterns. 
This week we have been learning about how to stay healthy. We have learnt about healthy and unhealthy foods and how it is important to have a balanced diet. We have discussed what we like to do to keep fit and how it is important to drink water and get enough sleep. We enjoyed working together to make a healthy fruit salad. It tasted delicious! We have been measuring our bean plants one last time before we take them home to look after. Some of them have grown over 100cm! In maths we have been exploring weight and capacity.
This week we have been learning the story 'Oliver's Vegetables'. We have been learning the names of different vegetables and finding out whether they grow under or above the ground. We have been discussing how vegetables are good for us and sharing which vegetables we like. We have enjoyed being the shopkeeper or customer in our fruit and veg shops. We have made our own paper vegetables, created our own garden and enjoyed printing with vegetables.

We have been on a plant hunt! We have seen lots of different plants in the school grounds for example dandelions, daisies, forget-me-nots, bluebells, rhubarb and strawberry plants. We have continued to write the story Jack and the beanstalk and observe our bean plants growing.

This week the children have continued their learning about the story Jack and the beanstalk. They have built the giant's castle with construction kits, made their own beanstalk and written the beginning of the story. We will continue this writing next week. The children have been learning about money and to recognise each coin.

Our new topic is growing. We are learning the story Jack And The Beanstalk and have been planting our own bean plants and are waiting for them to grow. We have been learning to tell the time using o'clock and half past. We have enjoyed playing what time is it Mr Giant outside and sequencing daily routine cards. We have made flowers to support our role-play in the garden centre. On Friday we watched a show based on the story Giraffes Can't Dance. We copied rhythms and learnt about different instruments.


This week we have been celebrating all things Easter. We have learnt the Easter story and created some egg-cellent artwork!

A Commotion in the Classroom!

After dinner time the children in Rainbows came back to find their classroom had been disturbed and some strange footprints left behind. Watch the children's reaction as they entered the class! 


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The children then watched some 'CCTV' footage from our class which can be seen here....


Dinosaur Footage

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Here are the children's reactions to the dinosaur in the classroom! They then we're very inspired to write a letter to Mrs Roberts to let her know what had happened.

Rainbow 1 reaction

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More dinosaurs!

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The children looked carefully at the evidence left behind and worked out that a T-Rex had been in our classroom! We were shocked to find it had left 2 eggs!

This week we have been looking at the evidence that dinosaurs existed millions of years ago. We have enjoyed being paeleantologists digging for bones in the sand. We have made dinosaur fossils out of salt dough. We have tried to rescue the dinosaurs from the ice eggs and carefully excavated chocolate chips (dinosaur bones) from the cookies. In maths we have been learning our doubles and halves.


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This week, as part of our Wild Things topic, we have started learning about dinosaurs. The children have been learning the special dinosaur names and describing their appearance. We have been finding out if they are meat eaters or plant eaters. We have created some dinosaur art and worked together to make a papier mache volcano or dinosaur eggs. In PE we have been thinking about how different dinosaurs would move. In maths we have been practising measuring.

We have continued our African animal theme this week. The children have been learning to look after animals in the role-play areas. We have explored mixing colours to create a safari scene. During our maths activities we have been learning to take away and looking at animal patterns. We have written about our class story and tried to write some of the story using our class story maps.

This week the children had some very special visitors! A big thank you to the wonderful ladies from 'Sam Safari' who talked to the children about each of the African animals (a Tree Frog, a Giant African Milipede, a Skink, a Pygmy Hedgehog, a baby Python, an African Spur Tortoise and a Giant African Land Snail). The children had a great time stroking or holding the animals. The children have talked about their favourite animals and written about this experience. We have continued to learn number bonds to ten inside and outdoors. We have used our fact sheets that we wrote last week to write sentences about giraffes, elephants or lions.

We dressed up as our favourite book characters and enjoyed sharing our books.

This week we are learning about the animals that live in Africa. Each class has been learning about one particular animal in more depth (elephant, giraffe or lion). We have researched about the animal and collected the key facts about it. We have all enjoyed working together to decorate our classroom door based on our class story book. The children have enjoyed the indoor and outdoor role-play areas based on a safari trip. They are beginning to learn pairs of numbers that make a total of ten.


Following on from our Around the World topic, we have been learning all about France this week. We have enjoying find out about the famous buildings, artists and French food. We have even learnt how to speak French.

Singing Un deux trois

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The children took turns to lead the class singing this song.
Chinese New Year

The children in reception have been finding out about China and the Chinese New Year. We have enjoyed learning the Chinese New Year story and working together to create a Dragon dance.

Our Dragon dance

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The children were very excited about the snow!

We have had a Frozen theme of learning this week.

Frozen movement

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To support gross motor skills the children have been moving to their favourite Frozen song.