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In Nursery we have begun our RWI programme. We are looking at the pictures of each of the sounds and trying to recognise them all.

Keep practicing these until your child is confident and speedy in labelling them.

Can the children identify the picture of each of the sounds?
show the children each picture and ask them to label it, for example looking at the poster below, children should say, mountain, apple, snake, dinosaur, tower, insect, net, pirate, girl, orange, caterpillar, kangaroo, umbrella, boot, egg, leg, horse, robot, jack-in-a-box, vulture, yak, worm, zip, queen, exercise. 


Other RWI activities for Nursery

At nursery we also join in read, write, ink sessions. During this half term we will be doing many activities involving rhyming, segmenting and building sentences. All of these activities will help your child to build the foundations for reading.


  • Talk about words that rhyme with 'cat' 'dog' 'man'
  • Read rhyming stories
  • Play a game- can you fine me a " h  a  t"- sound out the word and see if your child can blend the word together and find a hat. Do this with other 3 letter words. 
  • Look at a picture together, the picture can be of anything- a fish swimming in the ocean, a child sliding down a slide. Talk to your child about the picture giving more words to build into their sentence and describe what is happening.