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  Communication and Language


This half term in Nursery we will be focusing on the theme ‘On The Move’, through our three main focus stories which are: ‘Three Billy Goats Gruff’, ‘We Catch the Bus’ and

‘Rosie’s Walk’. We will be using these stories to explore the environment and world around us, comparing buildings and looking at maps and directions. We will also be looking at natural features within the world such as rivers, seas, bridges and statues. This half term also lends itself well to looking at signs of Winter- how does it look? How does it feel? What happens when? We will be taking part in differing science experiments and exploration to consolidate our learning. We will also learn about Chinese New Year, how this is typically celebrated in China and taste some of the traditional foods eaten around this celebration.


We will also be practising lots of songs and nursery rhymes, as well as starting the Nursery Read, Write, Inc programme.


We have some new children starting with us after half term and although they will be

involved in all of the above learning opportunities, their main focus will be on settling in, showing their interests and dislikes as well as understanding routines and nursery rules.



In maths, we will be looking at numbers 0 to 5. Can your child recognise numerals 0-5?

Can your child find the correct amount of objects to represent a numeral? Can your child name a shape with the corresponding number of sides?

Can your child begin to write and represent the numeral?




During this half term, we will continue to provide lots of learning opportunities which encourage both gross motor and fine motor movements. This will include making large shapes in the air with ribbons, painting with water in the outdoor area and using children’s tweezers to pick up and post objects. All of these movements help children to develop the muscles required in order to hold a pencil and eventually put marks to paper.

We will also begin to look at letter formation through beginning our Read, Write, Inc programme. Please see the school website on the Nursery Home Learning page for more information on this.