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Year 1

Art & DT


In Art, we will continue developing our study of artists by looking at the work of the Sculptor Jaume Plensa. He produces the most amazing detailed head sculptures and we look forward to creating our own. In DT we are looking forward to our topic on materials, structures and textiles, where we will be making puppets.




We are going to extend our knowledge of the United Kingdom (UK) by looking at the physical and human geography you may see if you visited the different countries in the UK. We will use this geographical language to write about differences and similarities.




Last term, we thoroughly enjoyed our drama workshop on The Great Fire of London, finding out who Florence Nightingale is and learning about our local fishing heritage. This term we will be spiralising our current knowledge by interpreting and handling evidence from the past and asking questions about how these significant events and people have shaped our present actions and our future thinking.




In RE, we will be learning about Judaism and comparing celebrations and beliefs.




Our understanding of plants, animals and the Earth’s movements will be developed further this term as we look at evergreen and deciduous trees, carnivores and omnivores and study the seasons and how the day length varies. We are looking forward to carrying out some science experiments this term investigating how plants grow in different controlled environments.  




Maths will focus on numbers to 50 including the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Four Key Instant Recall Facts (KIRFs) will also be taught every fortnight (KIRFS are on the class page). The children will develop their mathematical skills through daily fluency, reasoning and problem solving activities. Using the ‘say what you see, use what you know’ philosophy and the concrete, pictorial, abstract method of maths teaching helps the children understand, visualise and manipulate ways of problem solving to become confident mathematicians.




English will focus on a variety of fiction, non-fiction and poetry activities across the term. The children will develop their understanding of sentence structure, punctuation and writing for the purpose of others to read through recalling and reinventing exciting stories. This will encourage us to write for entertainment.




Communicating in the Digital World is the focus of computing in Year 1. We will be using our fantastic Purple Mash program to help the children familiarise themselves with simple coding.